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  1. @Hime Fix this crap lag instead of this useless maintenance!!!!
  2. @Hime Despite the people who left the game already with this new patch , we are still playing with this lag. When you are you going to fix this lag? we are sick and tired with this new patch!!!
  3. @Hime Abyssal Splintter npc is bugged , cant we have server reset or its only with Cyan?
  4. @Hime Can you make Sovereigns chests tradable so we can finish our gear before the update, please?
  5. @Cyan Make the Soverign's chests tradable or in BCM , ty
  6. @Cyan how about putting these ultimate gear in a selectable chest better than getting these random stuff? Or how about putting it in aion shop better?
  7. @Cyan Make crucible Middle/Lower easier please,
  8. @Cyan Could you put Leibo's protection in gold sand trade ,please?!Could you reduce the amount for PVP kills needed to 100 , please?Could you make the lugbug weekly quests easier, please ? Thanks
  9. 1. The nerf for the Vandal skill is bad. 2. The Quest bar with 50 quest available is bad. 3. We can't finish the weekly Lugbug quest which is bad. 4. We can't finish Lower Crucible stage 10 which is bad.
  10. @Cyan Some Ultimate divine Pandora equipment have lower stats than the old Pandora equipment.
  11. @Cyan We need compensation for the long delay for EC.
  12. @Cyan Prestige Society members will also have a chance to receive Anniversary coins from various monsters around Demaha. Where to farm them?
  13. ERROR You have exceeded a purchase limit. Please contact Support for assistance. Error: PGL8008 BCM is bugged
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