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  1. Any idea when my next rank required GP reset? it says over 400 or so for me to go 1-star officer, but it seems for every month my GP required for next rank will renew again if I don't meet it in time. I just want to know when the date exactly is for that renewal.
  2. I have a question about weapon stats pve/pvp atk stats. If I armfuse a same type two-handed weapon like pve+pve atk or pvp+pvp atk, does the stats amoumt stack together or only apply the higher one? Also, I wonder how much do pve/pvp atk stats affect on mobs/PC compared to without any pve/pvp atk stats, like how much damage u lose without them.
  3. So I found some random spawned rifts around Lakrum which lead to instances like Primeth Forge, Bastion of Soul,ect. Does anybody know more locations? I only found 3 fixed spawned positions. And btw I didnt see any rift to Frozen monolith, does it exist?
  4. Hello, does anyone know the difference between "Private Entry" and "Quick Entry" if I wanna go server instances?
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