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  1. I have a question for you @Cyan: when are the game developers going to fix the issue with the Breezy Furniture set? Both cabinets have the same description of Simple 3-drawer Cabinet. They are supposed to be part of a set, yet their descriptions make it impossible to use together. One of the cabinet descriptions should be changed to Convenient 3-drawer cabinet; that's how the Camping set and Eastern set cabinets are split up.
  2. Thank you for the Luna Shop upgrade @Cyan It was really needed.
  3. What recipes did you get for housing and skins @Kubei-DN?
  4. I would LOVE the following: Rentus Base skins Rebel Sorcerer’s / Spiritmaster’s / Bard’s Rebel Ranger’s / Assassin’s / Gunner’s Rebel Cleric’s / Chanter’s Rebel Templar’s / Gladiator’s Please get these up ASAP. I always loved The Reian Tribe style <3
  5. add permanent mounts

    I wish they would always include a permanent Mount as a possible Event prize. Also, these mounts should be account trade-able so we can give them to whichever character of ours we want to. IE: I would not want a Unicorn on a male toon (just my preference). Alternatively, they could make a mount box that lets you choose from a couple options (like the old Twins Gift did).
  6. I also do not like the way the older hairstyles have been ruined by the latest updates. Please, comment on my thread (through the link below) to help bring attention to the problem. Request the developers retexture the old hairstyles
  7. I am making a request that our US team talk to the game developers in Korea to repair the hairstyles in the character maker, so that all the hairstyles have the same smooth texture and highlighting as the newest additions. The older hairstyles have the following issues: The texture is stiff and the hair appears dead. Nasty black undertones beneath the selected hair color. Hair color bleeds into the face. Dark smudging and white highlights along the hairline. Chunks of hair disappear into the forehead or neck area. I have raised these issue before in other threads and seen other players complain as well, but I never got a response from our team. Please, leave your comments below if you want to see the graphics improved in a future patch. @Cyan I would appreciate some response from you as well.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Thank You!!!
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Hey @Cyan do you have a status update for us this month?
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    @Cyan I wanted to wait a month before asking: have you any news on the progress of correcting the character “Eye Bug”? Have the developers given any indication of when they plan on resolving the bug?
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    Nice! I'm going to swing by my old place. I'd like to add my support to the idea of updating the Housing/Guestbloom Merchants.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    @Cyan we greatly appreciate you acknowledging the issue of the eye glitch. I've personally been inquiring about this issue over the months and have grown increasingly frustrated on the lack of news and/or progress being made towards fixing it. Is there anyway you and the other members of your team could put a bug in the ear of said developers to let them know that finding a solution is very important to us?
  13. 6. Characters eyes are still discolored on one side of their face. News on this please????? This issue has been around since Oct. of last year
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    @Cyan Please, can you give us some news about the discolored eye bug? I can't believe its been almost six months since this bug occurred (all the way back in Oct.) and still half my characters have a black-out eye. I am feeling extremely discouraged.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    @Cyan When are we finally getting the Eye Bug fixed? It has been over two months now and we have not received any news on this problem or a fix for it.