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  1. I really would like an answer to this too. For those of us who haven't yet used our free trial, this could be just the incentive to try it out and see if we want to keep the prestige subscription. I didn't really have a reason to try it out before.
  2. Things I do miss from the past

    These are my most missed of your list. Remember when we could make furniture in Luna too? I'm glad they added the Breezy set, but I think it would be awesome if they had a rotation of each furniture set depending on what season it is. The Camping set would be great right about now. And yes, BCM stinks the way it is, its so barren.
  3. Thank you @Aly-DN for the clarification. I had heard EU had 10 slots and were going up to 13, but you know how these rumors spread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anywho... I just feel very strongly that if we are given a promotion to try out the new class we have been waiting literally years for, that we should actually be able to, you know, make.the.class. I won't go out and riot until we get an official answer, but we really should all get one slot added for this patch.
  4. Yet every single other server in existence gets thirteen character slots for free. I have to tell you, I'm getting really, really tired of North America being so cheap and greedy. How can we make a Vandal and participate in the promotion of the new class without adequate character space? We should at the very least get 10 character slots on a standard account. Heck, I'd settle for 9, at least it would be something.
  5. @Cyan Next week is Mark of the Vandal, and I have a very important question: Are we finally getting more character slots to go with the new class? We are discouraged from having more than one account (which is one reason why opening more than one client was disabled), so in order for us to create a Vandal we are going to need more character slots. Please answer.
  6. @Cyan Can you please tell us: Can the FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack Reward be claimed on any class, or is it only eligible to be claimed by the Vandal? Does the character I claim the Pack on have to be level 30 or higher? Does the Pack expire, and is there a level requirement I have to reach before I can use it? In example (below), you had to level your character to 65 before you could claim this gear box and there was a 30 day expiration. [Event] Level 65 Celebratory Box (30-day)
  7. Thanks @Vantheria-DN, that gives me some insight.
  8. Can we paint the furniture from the Breezy furniture set a different color? In my experience, some furniture does not change color when you try to apply Furniture Paint (such as the Club Furniture and the Eastern Furniture). I was wondering if anyone has tried painting the Breezy tables or bed for example?
  9. Vote 20 skin candinates into GST

    I want the Arabian skins! I wish they would add those and the Rentus Base Skins. If I had to choose one from the top post it would be Modern Dress (Return Teleport). BTW: does anyone know if the magic carpet is an Emote or a Mount?
  10. I have a question for you @Cyan: when are the game developers going to fix the issue with the Breezy Furniture set? Both cabinets have the same description of Simple 3-drawer Cabinet. They are supposed to be part of a set, yet their descriptions make it impossible to use together. One of the cabinet descriptions should be changed to Convenient 3-drawer cabinet; that's how the Camping set and Eastern set cabinets are split up.
  11. Thank you for the Luna Shop upgrade @Cyan It was really needed.
  12. What recipes did you get for housing and skins @Kubei-DN?
  13. I would LOVE the following: Rentus Base skins Rebel Sorcerer’s / Spiritmaster’s / Bard’s Rebel Ranger’s / Assassin’s / Gunner’s Rebel Cleric’s / Chanter’s Rebel Templar’s / Gladiator’s Please get these up ASAP. I always loved The Reian Tribe style <3
  14. add permanent mounts

    I wish they would always include a permanent Mount as a possible Event prize. Also, these mounts should be account trade-able so we can give them to whichever character of ours we want to. IE: I would not want a Unicorn on a male toon (just my preference). Alternatively, they could make a mount box that lets you choose from a couple options (like the old Twins Gift did).
  15. I also do not like the way the older hairstyles have been ruined by the latest updates. Please, comment on my thread (through the link below) to help bring attention to the problem. Request the developers retexture the old hairstyles