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  1. @Kibbelz You guys forgot to increase the amount of entries on something else too... [NCW Feature Changes] The player limit for the cross-server fortress sieges has been increased. Some players could not get into Predath this evening.
  2. I did'nt hear about this until 8:30 PM EST. Some of us could have been asleep (because we have to go to work) and never read this until it was too late. Please, in the future try to give us at least 24 hours notice before you guys plan to delete something from our inventory.
  3. @Kibbelz The free 3-per-day Stormwing Development Tokens and Newly Hatched Stormwing Egg are missing from the BCM...
  4. Where are my Stormwing Development Tokens @Kibbelz? That's three missing from my daily collection.
  5. As much as I'd like to believe this, a GM would have posted that they did so as a warning to the rest of the players.
  6. There was actually some stuff I wanted to buy off the BCM this month. After players are being treated so unfairly, I'm no longer in the mood to give this company any money.
  7. I am beyond disappointed in what's currently available to buy from the BCM. At least they were decent enough to refund people who were unlucky enough to buy that temporary furniture pack. That was the right move! Heads up @Cyan There is currently a Daily Mount Box on BCM that does not say that it is timed, which is another incident of false advertising: I've been hearing from others who bought it that it only lasts 30 days! Amen! I myself have been trying to garner interest in having these things re-added back to the BCM, but not many would replay to my threads. I see there h
  8. Agreed! I don't know why we have the most undesirable items on BCM. Who profits from that? I want cute/cool skins, more mounts and housing items back!
  9. Please visit and comment on my Topic: Return Windows and Partitions to a Housing NPC! I can't be the only person who wants some windows in my Aion home ??
  10. When Aion: Awakened Legacy arrived back in 2018, players had inquired if some of the furniture we used to be able to craft in Construction could be moved to another NPC. Fortunately, @Cyan responded positively by saying that they could add missing items to other portions of the game. And they did! <Guestpetal Exchanger>(s) now sell a small portion of the items we used to be able to craft in Construction under a new tab called Craft Furniture. (see below) Now, two years later, I recently got in touch with Support and inquired into an old NPC that used to be locate
  11. I 100% support this. These are important and needed items!
  12. Hey @Cyan I still have the [Event] Refilling Sprout Trowel Box on my characters. That was not deleted from my inventories. Can you confirm whether we can rubbish ? that item and get one again next time the Event rolls around?
  13. Thanks @Arhangelos-KT! I didn't remember making a DN character on that account, but that was indeed the case. Problem resolved ?
  14. @Cyan There is an issue with character creation on my alternate account. I only have 7 characters and it will not allow me to make an 8th and final character. It says I can't make anymore without a prestige pass, but this is incorrect because I do not yet have my 8 slots filled. I checked it out on a dead account of mine (plan to delete it soon) and the same exact thing happened. This is obviously a big problem that came with today's update. Please respond! ?
  15. I like a lot of the personalization suggestions my fellow gamers have mentioned. Particularly Housing and Skins. I have always been more of a PVE-er than a PVP-er. I would like to add the following: 1. Update graphics of older hairstyles in the character maker. In particular, the issues appear around the foreheads: discoloration into the skin and scalp, and some odd pixel-ization within the hair. I would like all of our hair-styles to be of as nice quality and the new ones. 2. Add more permanent Mounts to the Black Cloud Market Place, the Luna Shop, and/or an NPC. I would s
  16. @Vantheria-DN Hm, I can't seem to find the Campaign quests for that on my new Vandal. The only gear set that I got for hitting level 10 was the Apprentice set and a box called Budding Deava's Equipment Box. Does the Traveler's gear come from that box?
  17. @Vantheria-DN First of all, thank you so much for this list. Where/how do I get the “Traveler” gear?
  18. For some Halloween themed skins: Dark Menace Butterfly Gem Outfit Dark Masquerade Attire Night's Dress / Dress of Light Captain Harlock's Outfit / Kei's Outfit Cute Kitter Ensemble Charming Kitter Suit Dazzling Arabian Costume (and the Magic Rug Mount)
  19. Panda Power Wheels is quite cute. Apparently there is also a Cat version that comes in two colors that we have yet to get. I want a kitty ride =^.^= Cheese Cat (unknown name)
  20. Well, Aion works if I put it back in compatibility mode so I guess I'll just have to stick with that. Thanks again
  21. @Cheesecake-DN Thanks for replying. How do I check to see if I'm running the 32bit or the 64bit? (I'm using windows 10 btw).
  22. I deleted my XIGNCODE folder and took my Aion client off from "run in compatibility mode" and my game client has crashed three times in a row. Why is this happening? I only had my client in Compatibility Mode so it would run with XIGNCODE. Help please!
  23. Thank you both @Aly-DN and @KonkersGG-EK for sharing your information. Well, I guess I can forget about the Mount, but I appreciate the guide and will make the best of my week with the pass.
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