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  1. Hey @Cyan do you have a status update for us this month?
  2. @Cyan I wanted to wait a month before asking: have you any news on the progress of correcting the character “Eye Bug”? Have the developers given any indication of when they plan on resolving the bug?
  3. Nice! I'm going to swing by my old place. I'd like to add my support to the idea of updating the Housing/Guestbloom Merchants.
  4. @Cyan we greatly appreciate you acknowledging the issue of the eye glitch. I've personally been inquiring about this issue over the months and have grown increasingly frustrated on the lack of news and/or progress being made towards fixing it. Is there anyway you and the other members of your team could put a bug in the ear of said developers to let them know that finding a solution is very important to us?
  5. 6. Characters eyes are still discolored on one side of their face. News on this please????? This issue has been around since Oct. of last year
  6. @Cyan Please, can you give us some news about the discolored eye bug? I can't believe its been almost six months since this bug occurred (all the way back in Oct.) and still half my characters have a black-out eye. I am feeling extremely discouraged.
  7. @Cyan When are we finally getting the Eye Bug fixed? It has been over two months now and we have not received any news on this problem or a fix for it.
  8. I want a free Permanent Mount T_T Of all my characters (8) only 2 have a Permanent Mount... Please NC, be kind. What would be a great idea would be to give every existing character a free Mount after a big update, and then add new ones to the BCM. That way we get something nice for free, but have the option to buy a cooler newer one as well. Everyone is happy.
  9. I do feel that communication between our developers and the Korean developers needs some serious TLC. Before I sign anything though, I would want to read the petition in full to make sure I agree with everything being put forth.
  10. I would love to have the storage cabinets and permanent mounts back on the Luna Shop, but adding them to Aetherforging would also be welcome. Having a weekly quest to acquire a 7-day Mount would be pretty nice (as @Chibiusa-DN mentioned above) for lvl 10+ so new players can have fun too.
  11. Please fix the greyed-out eye glitch a.s.a.p....
  12. I have a question @Hime and @Cyan. Why does the level requirement for events keep rising every year? It used to be that there were Events catered to high level players, and then Events for everyone to join. I like to try and get things for more than one character all the time. It just seems unfair that only end game players get to have all the fun... New players don't get to participate at all this way.
  13. Post 4.8 nubs? When you assume you make an *** of you and me. I don't claim to be a hardcore veteran, but I sure played before the Muse and Tech classes came out. Anywho... I wasn't talking about Broker Fees, I was complaining about the massive hike in price to expand warehouse space. I made a fresh toon a couple months ago and I almost did a spit-take just reaching level four of the WH. Forget level five.
  14. My Aion Christmas List Eye color glitch fixed More Mounts on BCM Snowball Event (please don't raise the participation lvl again so some low level players can join this year) Warehouse expansion prices lowered to original (affordable) price tbc...
  15. @Sidik-DN Assuming that this is your video..... I was wondering if you could please give us a preview of the hairstyles in the character maker? We have noticed in this current update that most of the hairstyles are having graphic issues where the hair color is bleeding into the face, some of the textures are flattened etc.. I would really appreciate it if we could see if these problems are being fixed in 7.0
  16. Well, the first video (first post) is definitely showing us a tagger. The hooded police show up to stop her.
  17. Well, I stated my expectation above. Honestly, I would have supported the Artist class better if they had used a paintbrush and palette for a weapon instead of another type of gun.
  18. I always thought the second Muse class should have been a singing Bard. We have Bards all over the place; committing odes to leaders and lords, reciting poetry and epics on the city streets. The class was there from the beginning and they completely missed it.
  19. The video posted by Chashu-KT does seem legit. Hmm, I have some VERY mixed feelings. Positive: New Muse class. Negative: Seems like a repeat of the Gunner class. Pistol vs Paint gun. I hope they are not a leather wearing class.
  20. Dear producer, Please fix the current graphics issues concerning our characters: I am tired of our characters having this discolored eye glitch. I am tired of seeing our hairstyles smudging into our skin. Please fix these graphics issues!
  21. The background does not look like Aion at all. Do we even have NPCs who look like the pursuers? My opinion: the video is from a different game altogether.
  22. I'm definitely saddened by all the content that was removed. I ran an instance the other day and it was just a hollowed out shell. The quests were all removed, I kept getting the wrong gear and most of the bosses wouldn't drop anything. There was literally no point in running it.
  23. Well I certainly HOPE we are finally getting a secondary Muse class. My interpretation of the image is either tambourines (as @LakeFever-DN suggested), or a type of spinning blade, like the Silver Blade Rotans. Lets cross our fingers that this isn't fake like the Mime gag.
  24. This is encouraging news (especially the mention of mounts). @Cyan I have three questions for you if you could please answer them at your earliest convenience? Is the team still working towards finding a solution to the greyed-out eye situation on some of our characters? Can you comment on the current appearance of hairstyles in the character maker? (hair color is bleeding into faces, there is smudging on foreheads etc.) This is a graphics issue and we would like to know if we can expect a correction/improvement in the future because we did not have this problem before the 6.2. u
  25. I third this! Half of my toons do not have permanent mounts (I had terrible odds in Luna) and they have become almost a necessity with the way our speed has been drastically reduced. Adding Mounts, Skins and Housing items to Events or elsewhere in the game (perhaps Aetherforging) would be terrific.
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