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  1. We may not always get responses to direct questions, but I truly believe @Cyan tries his best to provide us with answers to things he does know and what he is aware is being worked on currently. There are so many problems with this patch, staff has to find a way to prioritize. Just try to be patient and diligently repeat your question until an answer can be provided.
  2. Support is definitely a mixed bag, sadly. I have received both excellent help before, and times where I don't think they read my ticket at all. After a ticket has been closed, they ask us to give feedback on the support we received; i'd like to know if the big wigs actually take the time to see who is consistently receiving praise and complaints.
  3. Exactly. We can't see our clothes on our Avatars, so why buy them? I don't know why the developers didn't foresee this conflict.
  4. Not aesthetically pleasing at all (for Elyos either).
  5. Everyone who had existing characters is missing gear and weapons do to auto-completion. We are expected to replace our old gear with this current gear set, and missing key pieces (especially a weapon!) is a huge set-back.
  6. @Cyan Thank you for acknowledging the "eye-color glitch" in your reply to another player in a separate thread: It is encouraging to hear that this is being looked into. Can I bother you to please also look into the hair appearance issue I mentioned in the Known Issues thread? As I said in my post; there is a problem where the hair color is bleeding into the character's faces (and some glitchy looking foreheads). Attention to this would be much appreciated!
  7. Yeah, they also removed the Lion, Tiger and Wolf (oh my!). I beleive they will be put back into rotation at some point (I sure hope so). As far as I am aware though, the ones I mentioned have never been on the BCM. I saw that there is also a new steam-punk like car coming to Aion in the future; it would be great so see that one too.
  8. I noticed that in the character maker, our hair graphics have been severely messed up. It is as if hair dye is running into our heads! Look at how both dark hair and light hair run into the scalp. The ends of the hair are blackened. Some hairstyles are pixelated around the forehead, while others have some weird "smudge". @Cyan and @Hime please have the graphics team look into this. We always had some graphics issues in the past, but now they seem to be much more apparent. P.S. Please view in full size to really see the issues described.
  9. My biggest issues thus far for sure. I'm also supremely disappointed in the new Luna Shop when it comes to fun things like Mounts. They are childish-looking and only last 5 days. It would be great to at least have a RARE chance of getting a permanent Mount, or even bump them up to 15 days like we would sometimes get as Event rewards. I just really miss the old ones.
  10. I am also affected by this issue on my Templar and Sorcerer: I'm grieving.
  11. @Cyan and @Hime I have a grievance with certain price adjustments after the update. I have a new toon (lvl 21) and I had only expanded her Warehouse to level 3 prior to the update. I wanted to expand her Warehouse to level 5, but now it costs over 300 million Kinah to do so (it costs just under 80 million Kinah to expand to lvl 4). After the kinah conversion I am only left with 200 million kinah on my character. These new inflated prices are outrageously disproportionate to what they once were. What gives?
  12. EDIT: I forgot to add Sharptooth Steamrunner
  13. Are any of these Mounts planned to be added to the Black Cloud Market rotation? If not, please do so! Capra Purple Surfrider Scooter Redhot Fourgill Wind Flower Quick Frillneck Quick Crestlich Emerald Crestlich
  14. @Cyan I have a small amount of Kinah on my account and am concerned that if I split my Kinah to each of my four characters that I will be left with an inefficient amount of Kinah to convert into Gold Bars. If I place all of my Kinah in the Account Warehouse instead, I will get more Gold Bars for my kinah; however will I be able to split and claim those Gold Bars between my characters using the Account Warehouse? Also, I understand that it takes so much Kinah to be converted into a Gold Bar; what happens to the "leftover" Kinah in my Account Warehouse that does not become converted? D
  15. @Hime and @Cyan I have been seeing a lot about tradeable items becoming non-tradeable after the update, but I have not seen anything on Housing items. Will furniture that I have on my account be tradeable (or account-tradeable) after the update? I have asked about this before, but have yet to see an official answer. This is important information to me as I have saved some housing items for new characters on my account.
  16. Just wanted to update that I was lucky to find someone kind enough to make me the table for free (shout out to Chantall, you're awesome!). The offer still stands for the <Eastern Dining Table>.
  17. [Elyos] I would really like to buy the Luna Shop item <Picnic Table>. I've been advertising on the game, but no one has responded. If you get this recipe in your Luna Shop, please either reply here or send me a letter in the game mailbox. I would like to offer 15,000,000 kinah for the table, but the price is negotiable. P.S. I would also like to pay for the <Eastern Dining Table> (my friend wants it for their set). P.P.S. I would have posted this in the Housing tread, but that thread is dead.
  18. I hope the permanent cabinets and mounts will be added somewhere, like others before me mentioned.
  19. @Cyan and @Hime I have a few questions: Will we still be able to use the Transformation Candies that we acquired through questing and the Cooking craft after the update? Are food items still usable or will they become useless? Are there any tradable items, currently in the game, that will become untradable? Please do! I have seen that in other regions they had NPCs called Crafted Construction Merchant that would sell the crafted furniture. They sell things under the categories Accent, Common, Special and Bloom. If the Luna Shop is losing furniture recipes, this would
  20. I have a question/concern that I hope you can answer for me Hime. There has been a rumor going around that the Luna Shop is going to be changed and that one of the things we will no longer be able to craft are Housing items (such as the Eastern furniture). This would of course be very upsetting, as I myself have not yet been able to make some of the items I want. Could we please have confirmation on if this is true or not?
  21. I just checked all my character's walls for the glitch (some had different walls and some had more than one) and I can confirm that the glitch is gone. Hallelujah! It's been months (years?) and now I can finally place my wall decor exactly where I want to.
  22. We recently had the Santorini furniture and décor for a short while on the BCM (hopefully it will be back next summer), and I would like to request further updating the Housing department with some of the following wallpapers and flooring: Redwood Wallpaper: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/171130057 Oak Wallpaper: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/171130056 Mint Patterned Wallpaper: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/171130058 White Patterned Wallpaper: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/171130059 White Plaid Floor: https://aionpowerbook.com
  23. A more streamlined look would be nice. Have the character riding on top of the Tech rather than inside it; kind of like FFX-2's Machine Maw.
  24. Agreed that this blows. I sometimes like to dress my Cleric in cloth sets over the more clunky chain gear. I see myself more as a healer than "Holy Warrior".
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