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  1. I think it would be nice to just add the deleted Instances to an Event. Like how Kumuki's Daring Rescue is in Haramel and Kromede's Revenge is in Fire Temple. It would be great to have the Skins be acquirable too as loot/event prizes.
  2. I would like to see: Dark Menace Rentus Base Gear (because the region was destroyed) Abyss Knight's Gear Tough Outfit Ruffled Uniform Summer Sun Uniform Modern Trench Coat Snowflower Dress Cool Summer Suit Mariner's Swimwear Pharaoh's Soul Bard' Blouse Delightful Outfit Lepharist Uniform Raiments of Mastery Foxtail Hot Pants Outfit Frosted Ensemble Captain Harlock's Outfit (male) / Kei's Outfit (female) Dashing Suit
  3. Alerting the big wigs that our server is bugged yet again. Known issues include: NPCs are missing. Mobs not loading. Characters can not use skills. Characters can not leave apartments. Characters can not talk to NPCs. Characters can not use any other channel to speak in other than LFG. (feel free to add list of grievances below)
  4. I want to know: Can I still use a pre-purchased Plastic Surgery Ticket after 6.0? Because I'm holding onto one so I can use a new hairstyle they are adding....
  5. Can't wait to see the designs Sadly I didn't finish mine in time to submit it.
  6. I used Voltric's fix and it worked for about three days. Today I launched Aion and the game crashed on character screen. Now XIGNCODE3 is being blocked again! I deleted the path I made for the launcher and re-did everything listed above. Aion is still not launching! I restarted my computer, checked for updates that may have been applied today (there were non) and I am now at a total loss. Why are we not getting any Support for this?
  7. That is the pickax looking one, called Euron's Precious Wall Decor. The one I want looks like a regular axe and is supposed to sold by the NPC "Crafted Construction Merchant" which we don't have, sadly.
  8. I'm looking to purchase a housing decor item called: Euron's Superior Wall Decor http://aioncodex.com/us/item/170040025/ from an Elyos player. This wall mounted decoration has a chance of being collected from Malevite Maisma. Please reply or contact me! P.S. This thread can be used by others to make their own Housing requests.
  9. Well I tried with your instructions, but no cigar. Thank you for trying to help tho.
  10. @Voltric-DN @Cyan I am one of the players that is experiencing this problem. I updated my Windows 10 on the 14th and ever since I can not launch Aion. The XIGNCODE3 is not running. I updated the Aion client today and still it is not running. I have looked into all of my security settings to make sure nothing was changed with the update and all settings are the same as before the update. We need a fix now!
  11. I just tried the file repair and it did not work. FYI: My XignCode folder is dated for having been updated yesterday, which is the day I also had the dreaded Windows update.
  12. On Step 4, I am not sure what to put in the Add Path section to apply the changes? My choices are: File Paths, URLs, or Cyber Capture. What do I put in that field?
  13. ISP Wireless Link Antivirus/Firewall Software AVG AntiVirus Free VPN and External Software None Date & Time I had the update yesterday (5/14/18 at 10:00 EST), but tried launching my game today and had the problem (5/15/18 at 2:00 EST) Frequency Every time I try to launch Aion Description After a Windows update yesterday, I can no longer launch my game. The update is called Windows 10, version 1803. I login and click "Play Now", but shortly after the Aion Game Client closes. Only the NCLauncher Model (32 bit) window stays. I checked my Task Manager an
  14. I am having the same problem since this update. I have Windows Defender disabled as I am using AVG AntiVirus Free. Is there something I need to change in my anti virus settings? If so I don't know how to do it. Please help.
  15. After a Windows update yesterday, I can no longer launch my game. The update is called Windows 10, version 1803. I login and click "Play Now", but shortly after the Aion Game Client closes. Only the NCLauncher Model (32 bit) window stays. I checked my Task Manager and it is not running in the background. I also noticed that the XIGNCODE icon is not on my Task Bar.
  16. I would love to get Scarlet Red. Our "Red" is pink.
  17. I'm really happy to see new housing items being added to the game. The cabinet situation is unfortunate and I hope there is a fix for it. While Housing is a hot topic, please view my thread: https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/2267-add-these-npcs/
  18. When 6.0 finally hits the NA servers, we will no longer be able to use the Construction craft to decorate our homes. I would like to request that our development team add the following NPCs to our Servers so that we can buy the furniture and souvenirs that we used to be able to craft: Crafted Construction Merchant Elyos/Asmodian Housing Construction Merchant Elyos/Asmodian Housing Merit Construction Merchant If housing is important to you as a player, please add your support to this idea to help it gain attention.
  19. Thank you so much for the video, Kubei! So, Guestpetals are kaput (and everything you could buy with them), but we do still have some housing items available from the Plaza. At least that's something.
  20. Well that's terribly disappointing (though not surprising). Can we still purchase furniture from NPC's? There are furniture sellers in Oriel/Pernon and also a Shugo in the Abyss that sell couches and stuff for Guest Petals/Kinah. Are they still around?
  21. Can we still craft housing items for our homes in 6.0 after they have removed Construction?
  22. "No one" and "Everyone" are very subjective words. Senior players who make new characters go there to meet new people. High level players go there to mentor new players. I agree that the biggest outcry of their deletion is for nostalgic reasons, but there are SOME legit purposes to visiting low level regions.
  23. I know NA Aion team picks its own Event prizes, so I would like to make the suggestion of adding Pet Eggs as a possible reward. So many are going to be removed entirely in Aion 6.0. Adding more Pet Eggs to the BC Market Place would be a great move too.
  24. Still waiting on an answer on the difference between the Ascension gifts in 6.0 vs. now. Can someone provide info?
  25. I haven't made a new character in years, but I discovered that now when you Ascend and speak to your Class Preceptor, you are given a Fledgling Deava's Equipment Box which contains a full gear set and weapon. In 6.0 do we still get these things when we Ascend a character? Also, how do I get the level 50 version for my older (higher level) characters?
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