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  1. Just keeping this thread alive, sadly no offers yet. I would like to add that if there is an Event reward item that you would consider a fair trade for a Ticket, please drop me a line
  2. Do any of those new NPCs sell pet eggs? I'm assuming no because you didn't list them, but I thought I'd ask...
  3. Some of the new hairstyles are nice. Others look too similar to ones we already have.
  4. I wonder if the old "normal" gear is still tradeable, as they are from prior 6.0 and probably removed from game... (such as Hill Tunic).
  5. Where would we exchange items for Abyss Points if they are removing the Abyss? Are the NPCs placed somewhere new, and if so where?
  6. Does anyone know if they added Bosses, new loot drops or quests to the instances Alquimia Research Center and Aethergenetics Lab? I read several pages back that they are reworking these into low level solo instances. I'm debating on keeping a couple toons below level 30 so they can run the redone instances, but if they aren't changing anything then there might not be any point holding them back.
  7. Could we get some news on what they are doing with the Wings/Rewards/Pet Eggs ect. that we can currently buy with Tokens from Daily Quests? I hope we can still acquire those items somehow.
  8. I have a tradeable Plastic Surgery Ticket (acquired through an Event) on an Asmodian character, on the Danaria Server which I do not have any use for. However, I do need a Plastic Surgery Ticket for an Elyos character on the Katalam Server. I was wondering (hoping) if anyone would be interested in trading their (Elyos) Katalam Plastic Surgery Ticket for my (Asmodian) Danaria Plastic Surgery Ticket? If interested, please reply with the name of one or both characters you wish to trade with and I will check the Servers to see if you are online to make our trade. My Elyos character's name is (as s
  9. Can we still craft in Oriel/Pernon? I was wondering if we can craft anything at all, or if I should just quit leveling it.
  10. Where can I buy all the Kitters in the game? If they are taking away some of the pets I want to buy some soon.
  11. 1. What the heck. We can't fly anymore? Our wings are gone/garbage? A Daeva is supposed to have wings! This isn't Aion anymore. 2. But I LIKE crafting. It is part of the RP in the game... 3. They are removing our Account Warehouses and Legion Warehouses? How is that supposed to go down? Everyone is screwed, we can't hold all our possessions anymore. I guess it's the nomad life: take what you can carry one your back and leave everything else behind. To remedy this they would have to GIVE everyone all their Cube spaces and Warehouse spaces for free. And we are just supposed to abandon
  12. Are you suggesting that items able to be listed on Broker have a set price range? (perhaps based on grade) I could get behind that... It boggles my mind when people list a "white" item for billions of Kinah... Are they just trying to throw away Kinah because they reached the cap? P.S. Only one client? But I have more than eight characters on a server.... Am I supposed to just delete my other account??? If they added more character slots then that wouldn't be so bad. However, if you are like me and want to have a character in each sub-class offered by the game then you need twelve characte
  13. It's been 47 minutes since this post and I still can't log in.
  14. Since they are blowing up the Abyss, does anyone know what they are doing to our "Abyss Point" (and coin) gear? I hope we can still buy them.
  15. I remember that the Twin's Gift was only usable once per-account. If I never got the Twin's Gift on an Account, could I pick it up on a character above lvl 20, then wait until I hit one of the above levels mentioned and get a gift? (I didn't get returning player status, but I'd like to know for the future). Also, if I DID get a Twin's Gift box on my account am I supposed to choose a level to open it, or do I get more at different levels? P.S. It sure would be nice to have some official clarification on these Events....
  16. You're right, I forgot about that technicality.
  17. I completely agree that they should make Kinah account bound and not character bound. I would support that 100%. Character bound is going to make things incredibly difficult on us. Also, as mentioned above, how are people supposed to buy things from off the Broker? (i.e skins and gear) I sincerely hope that the Korean players make a big enough noise that they change that.
  18. Could you possibly see it in your hearts GMs to give us a Plastic Surgery Ticket? Some of us didn't get to enjoy doing the Returning Daeva Event and I have three toons who still need to be fixed after that huge patch that mutilated their faces. *sigh*
  19. Not everyone has pockets full of Kinah. That number is stunning to me.
  20. Well my hopes have been quashed.... After finally being able to log in, I couldn't do the quest to get my 24 hour plastic surgery ticket T_T
  21. Yes I suppose when I stop and think about it, uploading every variation must be tiresome. I noticed you added the Default Color blocks though that had been removed from the old site, so that is extremely helpful. Thanks for that.
  22. I still want my pets/titles and such from the organizations (the daily quests). We had better be able to purchase those things somehow.
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