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  1. Wh-what? No Petals? Abex turd! How can they remove our precious petals? There is no greater feeling then gathering from a fruit bush and proccing a Petal.... This will not do!
  2. *Eyes download client* Load faster!!!!! I've been DYING to fix my characters faces! If everyone gets to fix their characters except us country folks with slow internet connections then they need to let us ALL get free stuff from the event. Otherwise that is just unfair. Send 24 hour plastic surgery tickets to my mailboxes, please and thank you NCSoft.
  3. I guess in the end the people who are really getting the raw deal are the returning players. I've been offline for some time, and now I won't be able to resume my gameplay seamlessly. I'm nostalgic too so I'm going to miss revisiting old lands.
  4. I would have felt better if they were removing two regions instead of six. Deleting one per faction (or even two) instead of three would have gone down easier. If it was split between levels 11 - 25 and 26 - 40 it would feel less like being dumped off a waste management truck. I actually like doing quests, so long as there is a story involved (the repeatable quests are pointless).
  5. They say that, but all they are really doing is pushing us to rush level so they can eventually get rid of even more low-level content. How is deleting regions of game content and lore an improvement? Its just boring.
  6. So now all level players between 11 and 40 just get dumped together? That is going to be incredibly boring and monotonous. I don't want to be stuck in one stinking region for 30 levels. All the beautiful scenery: gone. Story-lines: gone. Unique creatures: gone. Thanks Korea for showing us that you could give two Shugo turds about the new/low level players. I really don't see any point in making new characters. Which in turn is bad for business because that means buying less items off the BCM. Not to mention the potential PVP noob carnage.
  7. So sorry to hear about the fallout. I used the site often to plan ahead on what gear I wanted to put my characters in; it really is the only site that gives us great images. I had noticed recently that the images for the gear were not all correct, or missing, and thought perhaps this was because of the abrupt change in style to the Asmodian clothes (goodbye toe claws). Do you plan on updating the images on the new site so that they match correctly? I really liked the old format where we could get an accurate image of what the gear looked like (color etc.). Now we have to scroll through ten plu
  8. Here here! I never got to visit Sarpan, Tiamaranta or Katalam before they were removed. Why doesn't AIon care about new players, or those like myself that enjoy quest/story content? The campaign quests always get nerked up.
  9. I'm sad the 24 Hour Plastic Surgery Tickets aren't available from the Shiny Tree this year. My toons are still reeling from the forced facelifts they got after that big patch months ago. Hope to see them as an available reward in another event soon.
  10. It really would be great to finally have this added to our side of the game (NA). I'd love to get the hairstyle we never had added too:.
  11. Which mount is it, and does it have a level restriction? I'd just like to know before I put one of my male toons on something girly, haha.
  12. The stones I have are mostly the level-based ones. I might have a few Alpha on my secondary account.
  13. Thank you so much. I guess my next question is then, can I use my old Enchantment Stones on the fabled gear? They don't say they are unusable, but they are they original type.
  14. I am a Returning Player and have a question about the new Enchantment Stone system. I have the original Enchantment Stones and I can no longer use them on my low level gear. I read in the Patch Notes that items that are lower than Legendary (blue) can no longer be enchanted. However, I have a blue weapon (Sailor's Staff) that can not be enchanted. So, at what level can I use Enchantment Stones on my gear now? I would really appreciate some clarification.
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