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  1. Warning Roll back?!!!!

    today this screenshot is circulating by many Discord, maybe by some information filtration I do not think that the post becomes drama, but if so: think all, your gear, Accs, legendary Transformation Or kaisinel, Enchants, gear from instance, Levels, Lunas, Nccoins, among many things and more items
  2. hello to all, well with my little suggestion, I propose that these scroll in some future (not very far) have the duration of the servers RS and KOR that if I'm not wrong is 10 minutes in each of their faces (normal, greater, ancients, legendary and ultimate) currently the economy in EK, is too bad, and for many players this implies an execsive expense ,,, we must remember that in Arenas pvp, they spend too much if you die, or even for many who accidentally leave their minion in auto buff mode ,
  3. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    There will also be additional ways to earn GP from battlefield instances and new quests. With each GP reset, you’ll also receive Gold Ingots based on how much GP you have at the time of the reset. How much you earn will be based on the following: Welcome new AGE, p2w reset everywhere
  4. delay in the change of weapon

    hello guys, I wanted to make this little post, since I consider that the change of weapon shift + Z has a delaty around 1 or 2 seconds, I thought it was my internet or connection to the server but normally the ping is stable at 80-90 and I use gunner really is very uncomfortable and annoying to have this delay in exchange for pistols to cannon then sorry for me weak englsh