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  1. I agree with the sentiment of this thread. NC, you really missed the mark on what giving thanks to your player base means. A black Friday sale promo is not giving thanks. It's a seasonal sales promotion / marketing tool that literally every business uses to get more sales, PERIOD. I mean seriously, who is giving the ok for these marketing decisions?
  2. @Kibbelz It's been over an hour, HELLO??? Can we get KT jumpstarted so the remaining population you have can play the game...
  3. Yeah, i wouldn't expect any type of respect in terms of leaving the other faction camps alone. It only takes one bad apple to start a chain reaction that ruins it for everyone... Devs need to step in and solve this because there is no reason to kill the camp NPCs other than to grief players.
  4. Not sure why you needed to quote my post when you're not saying anything in response to my post... I literally said 10 min or less and you're saying 5 minutes like it's a huge difference in ideas. Am I missing something? @Arhangelos-KT
  5. This issue needs to be addressed, and soon. Before 7.7, when camps gave a few titan coins, it wasn't that big of a deal. But as the game is currently, you NEED to be able to complete the camps to get enough renown to purchase armor. And now the opposite factions are killing camp bases just to grief other players. Give the renown camp base NPCs insane hit points, or reduce the respawn time to something like 10 minutes or less. At the moment Gelk KT has 2/5 base camps available. Pretty disheartening for players just trying to get enough renown to buy a set of pve gear.
  6. I'm confused. I never said I was quitting. I can see /3 is dead because I am online. Also, some people keep referring to the two KT server bugs like they are one in the same. They are not. There is the KT 4 day server bug. And there is the KT server randomly crashing bug. The 4 day bug takes hours for NC to respond to, and requires maintenance to fix. The server crash bug requires the server to be restarted without actual maintenance. But I get it, it's difficult to keep the KT server bugs straight when you play on a server that doesn't actually have to deal with any of these
  7. This is funny. If the DN player base that is here complaining about resets really wanted equality, they would help the KT community in putting pressure on NC to FIX KT. But you're not here voicing the frustration of playing on a broker server because DN isn't broken, and you don't care about KT, you just care about resets.
  8. So you're not only throwing out the victim card but now you're also the savior and voice of the entire DN server? Lol ok Just because people don't agree with you doesn't mean you're getting hate. It means, they don't agree with you. The server went down twice yesterday. Both times I was in the middle of doing luna, BOTH times I lost my luna daily entry and reward. It's annoying and frustrating when the server kicks you. You know what most people do when the server keeps kicking you? They stop signing in because it's a hassle and not fun. KT asmo side is beyond dead.
  9. Well for sure the Wonder Girls dance emotes are definitely a licensing issue, if you don't already have those, you will NEVER get them. That is because the dance emote references the title of the WG song and the music that plays along side the emote are copyright owned by the Wonder Girls entity. But actual outfits can apparently not be copyrighted because the "Cute Denim Dress" that is currently in the BCM, is the EXACT same dress that was released as part of the 5 Wonder Girls skins back in 2011. I have the cute denim dress from the 2011 WG promotion. The description on the item read
  10. ^ This. I was in the middle of doing luna when server went down. Zero rewards, but my timer got used. GG NC Soft.
  11. What in the actual nyerk????!!!!!! KT down AGAIN??? This instability needs fixed ASAP. Having to jump start your hamsters every damn day is not a fix for KT. Give us a working server or just merge the two already.
  12. @Rag-DN No one is attacking your post, please don't play the victim card. This is a thread you started because you feel that KT has an unfair advantage over DN on the basis of one server reset. Really? No one is here saying that all players aren't effected by the 4 day server restarts...but you're saying that KT is benefitting in big ways from the one server restart that DN did not receive and because of a one time event you're asking NC to devote resources and time to it. They can't fix and/or respond to other more important issues and you want them to make a game plan for something that
  13. You just made the argument that KT does in fact have it worse than DN with your own example. KT players can't play during the bug and are forced to sign on to DN server while they wait for it to be fixed. p.s. DN server knows the 4 day bug is coming too, so don't act like you don't use all your CD before Sunday to get a full reset. Funny how you worded it like only KT gets full instance reset.
  14. Resorting to name calling? Wow, all right then. My point remains that you still are triggered by those who can afford to spend more than you. Why? I don't know, that is for you to figure out. I still maintain my stance that if you stop using what others are able to do in game because they have more time or money than you, you will enjoy the game a lot more. Good luck!
  15. My point was, it was not a defense of both sides. It was a thinly veiled attempt to throw shade at the people who can afford to spend money on Aion, but you already knew that because you wrote it. lol Saying it had "humor" thrown in is just your attempt to just save face and appear impartial because you got called on it. And I still don't understand the people like yourself who spend time playing Aion but also refuse to spend money on the game, and then come to the forums to complain about anything Aion. If you're so unhappy here then just quit already. You are getting to enjoy someth
  16. Are you triggered? Yes. True, you do say complaining about p2progress is "pure pettiness" but your other insults regarding players paying money to the game are not as veiled as you think, lol. So yes, I can read and yes I stand by my statement that you got a lot of salt flowing over $400 lol.
  17. Listen, you can always wait around for the BBD (bigger better deal) but you have no idea when or IF that is coming so you're going to be in a cycle of constantly waiting. You can choose to be salty when you look back in hindsight, but it doesn't devalue what you currently have, it just makes it so there is something out there that is better. Spend your money or don't ...IDC! Just stop judging others who choose to.
  18. Aaaaaaaaah, it's all makes sense now. You paid money for a shiny... then other people got access to the same shiny at a later date without paying the same amount of money you did. And this made your shiny less valuable in your eyes, because clearly part of your enjoyment of having the shiny was the fact that other people did not have the shiny. Sad.
  19. During a single promotional event means... you can't combine 6 legendary during for example Hanbok Pixel Promotion and then combine another 6 during Harvest Revel Transformation Promotion and get the rewards. You must combine 12 during the run time of a single promotion.
  20. I really don't get why other people are so worried about how I spend my own money. Why are you so sure Aion will even be around for 8.x? I play the game as it is NOW and enjoy it as i see fit. I'm not trying to get the Halloween collection. TBH, i didn't even want a halloween xform. I bought them as a means to expedite my 12 legendary duplicate combine. So yeah, i'm aware that i paid for them, cause you know, it was my money. And lastly, but most importantly, i still for the life of me can NOT understand why others chide people who choose to put money into this or any other
  21. Server dyyyyyyying.... Beep bo bop bow beep bo beeeeeeeeep, SERVER ERROR... Hamsters lifeless... need reeeeeeeeeeeeeee start. END TRANSMISSION. Server dead. TY, and please don't forget to shop in our BCM Cash Shop!
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