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  1. Class change ticket

    Class change tickets have been something we have asked for since the earliest of days. Unfortunately, I don't think there has ever been any plans to allow this. In KR, I believe there was an event that resulted in a handful of people getting to do this (or something? I don't remember this was a few years ago now) but that was it. From what I understand the idea has always been shot down as "too complicated and involved".
  2. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    That was a helpful response, thank you. Truth is, I can probably put in 4 - 5 hours every day or more, girlfriend pending (I'm not about to neglect a lady!) I'm fairly confident I can be somewhere "on the grid" by the time patchwork comes out.
  3. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    If someone is coming from scratch, say this month (yeah it's me) and just hit level cap... I grind 2 - 3 hours a day, or 5 - 6 hours every other day.. What sort of progression am I looking at? I'm fairly experienced with Aion, in older times, but I haven't mained in a long time. Am I looking at a month? Two months? Three months before I see something like half ancient half legendary? Should I look at building into legendary and purchasing some crafted ultimate? Just looking for the more efficient route I can take, but still be able to kind of fight if I need to I guess.
  4. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    I would assume there's phys attack speed cap, just the same as there is run speed. The thing about this image is it LOOKS much more indicative of hacks than it really, truly is, both between the program being used to record, the client (RainM reads chat log) and buffs/skills used... It's a liiiiittle fishy but with ARM it can be hard to tell.
  5. Are Templars decent now in 6.5?

    Level 54 now, should be 75 - 80 tonight, so that being said I have no-where near the full scope of changes since I played Templar prior to the major revamp. I am literally refusing to check out patch notes so I get a better grasp as I go while leveling... Just for fun. So I will skip questions I know I'll inevitably find out myself when I hit cap today. That being said, still seems fun like I remember it. Here's hoping my burst rotation isn't totally different, doesn't seem to be. Not used to slow attack speed so the animations on some skills feel sort of choppy sometimes but that must be me and not mechanics. About the GS Konkers, if you wanna chase someone around with 1H range I guess. Is there an end-game extendie 1H that's viable for us in PvP? Greatsword extendie? If not then I see your point.
  6. Exploits approved and encouraged

    Just seems to be the players are better at beta testing than the devs =D
  7. What a Shame

    Good points, good comparison, comp dependent. I'd make a bunch of comments but that'd be dumb as I've been away too long to have any valid arguments on the validity of Temps in group but quite obviously they serve entirely different rolls. I was a Temp for like five years or something but.... i've been away a long time from Templar. They support, Sorcs can to a degree with utility but not in the same way a Templar does. It used to be EP2x per ID (early pop/late pop) I don't know if that's a good example still, but the CD was more or less negligible at the time. Shields and sleeps are both strong, but BG/Pan aren't as easily disposed of as a slept team-mate (or opponent sometimes...) Temps can peel and stunlock to help their squishies... plus somewhat useful taunts. But they do not have the same viability in terms of target control that a Sorc does... it's just I can't see a Templar being dealt with as easily as a Sorc.... but who am I to say yet. In GvG Temp burst was important but I found it was my ability to disrupt healers during spike damage, or to peel DPS off my healers that helped the group... plus shields. Guess I'll find out soon enough. Anyway, this thread is about Sorcs, not Templars. Sorry!
  8. Bye bye Bless Online

    "Must have been the wind" I could not believe that line when he delivered it... I expected it to turn into a coca-cola commercial with my polar-bear templar handing him a soda saying "just chill out dude it's all good."
  9. Bye bye Bless Online

    I was definitely hiding behind a 3" post at a lepharist camp last night as a 400LB polar bear on two legs so....
  10. Are Templars decent now in 6.5?

    I haven't played Templar in a long time, probably since pre-6.0 unless on a P.server and I stopped there just before the overhaul happened. I've only really played Glad this major patch. I made and have been leveling a new Templar, for the first time in a long time, and am wondering what I can expect. I noticed Rage is gone (does this mean our bleed is gone? Is there still a reliable way to bury dazing or ij-slow?) I noticed BP works off stun now and PB is triggered by PB... That's nice. I'm not sure how I feel about it being off stun. I noticed we have mocking now? That's sort of cool/nice. I haven't really seen a lot to -dislike- yet, as I have always played shield-orientated/utility. My burst was good but the rest of my follow-up was always lacking. This seems like changes I might enjoy myself.. I need to check patchnotes still, but I sort of like leveling blind.
  11. What a Shame

    Temps can still serve a purpose in group support and have large utility in melee to do so/disrupt as well. They just don't carry dmg anymore
  12. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    Neither are counters. This means: 2x Buff (animation jumpable?) Fang, Beast, AA-Ani/beast. Without the buff animations (even tho short) absolutely do-able.
  13. Bye bye Bless Online

    I love how transparent transformations makes potions and xformations just suped-up scrolls... like how it SHOULD be. /eyeroll
  14. Templars current status

    Tsuki, what other notable Templars should I be watching?
  15. Good Job Ncsoft

    You really should take her opinion more seriously.
  16. Daevanion Skills Enchant Rates

    ... Must -everything- become enchantable?
  17. Just stop

    Who receives information on Korea's end? Who receives the information that you guys send from us, to you, to them for review? This is how it works, correct? I would like to see or know how our concerns are being voiced through NCwest and Korea in terms of communicating them. I don't mean as in by phone call or e-mail. I mean how it's being worded and expressed. The conversation happening there would be phenomenal to see. That sort of transparency would give us all faith in Ncsoft, NCwest, Korea, you guys, everything... Unfortunately, I get the distinct feeling we players and consumers probably would not like what we saw... Oh well, we'll never know. :S...
  18. Transformations into Titles

    Sure wish we could turn the transformation system into a title system... Something like.. pop a Title-Scroll and it slaps on your stats temporarily... No candy, no transformation... just temporary titles. Less of them. Siigh. Should have just kept scrolls and buff pets... same bloody thing.
  19. The age of Asmo ?

    i get the feeling im going to remember Israphel for the rest of my bloody life
  20. Account Trading Items

    Ncsoft is like a bitter stepmom. "You're gonna eat what I put on your plate or you go to bed hungry." -From my diary
  21. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    I feel offended. I am offended. This is beardism.
  22. Glad vs. ranged in PvP

    Moving beyond Rangers (as thats what I thought I read).... In my head it's reiteration but...dishing out as much as I can the entire fight, being a freight train (so mentally saving anything that can remove speed/root debuffs for when you need to continue applying constant pressure). I save defensive/soak skills for when I know my initial rush is running out because I know right after that, or even DURING that, when I see those dmg buffs go up or skill evasion or anything that indicates they are going to try to pop their control phase, they are going to try and make me eat dirt. Cool thing about Glads is even when we're soaking dmg our ability to interrupt the target is pretty high.. even when auto attacking. TL DR At the end of the day it's not an uphill battle. Not going to be easy. Be fast. Keep yourself able to be mobile. Live. Swing, swing, swing. Come back swinging as hard as I can.
  23. Glad vs. ranged in PvP

    It's either gonna be quick or after your CD's return. If you get the jump and hammer them it's possible to destroy them fast... but sleep is basically going to ruin your life. Wait out the blind with serious CD's but keep applying pressure, blind isn't 100% and even 1 landed lockdown can help. Go full defensive when you feel you've put enough pressure on them to sleep arrow you. Your goal is to soak damage and survive the incoming dmg. This means def prep/AoA/WoS.. whatever you need to do, but after that you need to make sure their RS is blown, CW /whatever they have to resist kd's/hold is down (should be by then if they're scrubby) and then go to nyerking town with a long-ass KD lock + lockdown followed by aether hold to finish. It's really the survival period you need to endure. Good ping, good buff timing, good control phase and it's highly possible you can quickly kill them, but really needs to be in your favour. My long-ass opinion.
  24. Thing is, they're all probably very well aware of what the state of NA is and what we are and have been saying for years. Problem is, they're probably all just about as ready to jump ship as we are. It's their job, they should be present more, but I also have no idea where their personal efforts are being focused; likely elsewhere by demand of their job descriptions. Still a damn shame.
  25. BCM JOKE 2019

    And if ncsoft is concerned... Put them on the broker at a cheap price but limit the amount you can purchase, make them untradeable... There are ways this can be done without ruining the games economy and ncsofts economy. Lots of ways to effectively go about this without making too many ripples.