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  1. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    Said one of the biggest p2w heroes of Danaria asmodian. wow such a plausible word u just gave to us no
  2. 6.0 info

    Looking foward the new SW skills
  3. Aion 6.0 - New Chanter Skills

    there must by any type of limitation in this skills. They sound pretty OP
  4. http://www.gamechosun.co.kr/webzine/article/view.php?no=145112&utm_source=dable google translated: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ko&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=pt-BR&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamechosun.co.kr%2Fwebzine%2Farticle%2Fview.php%3Fno%3D145112%26utm_source%3Ddable&edit-text= "NCsoft announced on the 13th through the Aion official homepage announcement that the use rights and the end of the buff sales. The end of sale product cards of 300-hour live / master time on 30 days, a 300-hour welcome on 30-day, and an unlimited 30-day unlimited monthly gift certificate."
  5. Denaria needs a new Gov

    THIS.IS.ABUSIVE. THOSE THINGS HAVE TO STOP ps: i'm Asmo but i really hate whats happening
  6. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    @Cyan take a look on this thread please. Mochigirl and Pocosin are screwing things since Tiamat. We don't want those trolls and pig spirit people rulling in our servers. you're not bein honest on your post. LOL She don't want to lead anything
  7. Are you Newelen? If you are, please do your research before posting things here. This video plays everytime you log an account for the first time after 5.6 update. It will also play after you become Daeva for the first time in a new account.
  8. Denaria needs a new Gov

    I'm playing in Danaria, but as Asmodian and I really like the fact Aioroz is our governor. Hes not the best english speaker but he do the best for the faction and is always up for heloing
  9. Locked accounts - FALLEN POETA

    looks like someone is upset because exploited the sh*t out of fallen poeta and got ban.
  10. Fallen poeta abuse

    If NCsoft perma ban all the cheating players, nothing will be left for the 2 new servers. Like some ppl already said, whe don't even have enough population and the majority of it cheats all day every day. The best thing they could do is (just like in IO case) completely remove the arctifacts from Fallen Poeta Road and make it spawn after you kill Kroban, like in Luna. Also, FP is completely possible to be done in 4 or 3 ppl, if they have a minimum of brain work. I just hope that people who is doing it by the HONEST way don't get a ban.
  11. Stigma Enchanting Event?

    thats what i was thinking about. Even if u're super p2w, there's no enough stigmas to try +9, even if the chances was 100% lol
  12. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Typhoon / Ereshkigal >>>>> Katalam / Danaria
  13. The Ultimate Introduction to Chanters [PVE, PVP]

    of course it is. You get 50% extra healing boost, silence resist, stumble resist, 1000 magic suppression and 50% damage reduction Empyrean Providence and Protection Ward are both the best group shields of this game
  14. The Ultimate Introduction to Chanters [PVE, PVP]

    I don't think chanters needs their mantras do be buffed. Maybe the vision stigma needs more MB and Hit Mantra should be heavily upgraded because 5.x escalated crit strike / spell to the heavens high. I would ask for at last one more healing skill or even a single target dispel. The upgrade in Protective Ward is awesome, btw;

    Imho, the problem is 'macro', not only bad management or poor staff, and it affects every mmo not only AION. Every mmo in this planet is suffering from population sink. Its not the best season for mmo players, people started to play MOBAS and fps often. KR Aion and other nc games falls on profit month after month, if u don't know they're going to merge KR Aion servers in a month

    If you ban every hacking/exploiting player you can merge both New Israphel and New Siel and yet will come a dead server, lol. Aion is [almost] dead and the already low population that plays cheats all day every day. To be honest there are other things that killed Aion, not only cheaters. Anyway I don't pvp anymore because i'm tired of no animation heroes and instant teleporters. Also i'm tired of sending tickets... The best thing NC can do (at least in a PVE scenario) is removing the rewards of instances that people exploit, just like they did in IO. Instead of removing permanetly, just place that rewards at the last boss screen/fight and hackers won't be able to "solo" things.