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  1. Another update to our great battleground system. Dredgion... Well, lets skip the part that very nature of this "pvp" instance is to kill three mobs as fast as possible to get enchantment stones and then go afk (stupid right). Now we are being matched with teams that already started and killed their mobs, so the person that joined later cannot loot anything and just wasted its CD for nothing... So basically because of the system decision we have no chance to get a reward...
  2. Hey everyone o/ I am new to Aion and don't have your experience, but I do share a bit of the frustration from enchanting =) I've started right after the patch and regularly participate in all battlegrounds, sieges, pretty much in everything that gives enchantment stones. I grind almost every night, try to make kinah, be active, progress in the game. I even accepted the reality and payed for some "quality of life" things from the cash shop to set myself for beginning... Tonight I have failed my 8th attempt to go from +14 to +15 on my dagger. I feel bit disappointed from being stuck at the same
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