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  1. Why is this game dying you ask? Because NCsoft has adopted a less is less approach. Let me explain. They believe that if they have less staff they will have less expenses and thus greater net profit. This is akin to the guy who, by default, cornered the buggy whip market because everyone else stopped making buggy whips as, let's face it, who the hell needs a buggy whip? For a time, profits soar, however, sooner rather than later, the customer base dwindles and the poor buggy whip maker is left with nothing. The more intelligent, long-term approach in this case is a more is more menta
  2. Cyan, That is completely the wrong approach to address widespread exploits that are, quite frankly, destroying this game and resulting in a player exodus. The onus should not be put on players to screen grab/record this kind of behavior. Put your ear to the ground, the most flagrant abusers of 3rd party programs are well known and well socialized. GMs should be taking an active role in ferreting out these players, making examples of them. You will be surprised at the impact it will have on the health of this game, one that has been in its death throes for quite some time now. We
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