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  1. They said on Twitter: All [#Aion] servers will be down today at 3:00 PM PDT (http://ow.ly/GGRP30qOUjV) for an emergency maintenance to push a hotfix for the server lag issue. ETA ~80 minutes. Thank you for your patience! Let's hope this works!
  2. Pls fix the lag and ping issue, tried everything here already. If i'm standing looking at the sky or a wall, without do anything, my ping keeps oscilating for no reason.
  3. I hope you guys pay the contribution according with the rank that we see last wednesday day 20 before maintenance. No one said for us that we will have 1 more week of siege before reset till you said it now. Today for example, we get a bug on windstream for farm gp guards in lakrum and no one can get out it, need to relog and got a big rollback, hope we don't lose our rewards in the last week of season for bugs, lags and your lack of communication.
  4. KT is not good, today on siege was 2s delay for use a potion, rollback, random lag using skills. You guys need to do a routine maintenance, reset the server, something. This lag is annoying to play and is being common.
  5. I see ppl selling the 3-4 ultimate item already, i think we're just unlucky man. I've done almost 30 FM runs and 10 BoS runs, 1 ultimate in FM and 1 in BoS that i can't use. Then i decide to buy my cipher-blade, this event is not compatible with my rng lucky.
  6. How you can ignore something that affects your gameplay later? A lot more ppl running with ultimate xform, with full collection getting a high boost in status. This thing will unbalanced game more and more.
  7. I tried 5 times or more with 4 legendary combine, can't get it.
  8. Same here bro, i saved daevanion marks for months, crafted yesterday almost 30 legendary daevanion and combine it, nothing new, just same daevanion from old patch. Or i'm unlucky af or this show up on list but don't is added in game yet.
  9. The only change is that now they must use more than 1 skill (Chromatic Wraith) for kill someone.
  10. Sorry for the question, but your elite was with speed buff? Because elite with buff never hit 200 in each attack. I was more or less 10-15 seconds fighting with mob.
  11. My screenshot was not during siege, i was farming magic crystals when this mob agro on me and i try to kill him and got 1 hit. I'm complaining about two things, the amount of mobs in siege causing crap fps + bad experience to play and unnecessary buff on elite mobs, with extreme high speed and killing with 1 hit how you see it in ss.
  12. I'm a AT, the most part of my skills have aoe, i'm doing it with heals and i'm full ultimate pve gear, put that amount of mobs in a siege in aion, would never be a good idea. Really cool design, i loved to play in power point slides. I thought Divine Siege with Frigida Storm skill was bad, but then this Demaha siege appears to compete in performance Note, i was using a AT skill that add +2500 pve defense + full ultimate pve gear, then i get this hit kill hahahaha!
  13. I thought the game couldn't get any worse, so they made this siege, where you use 1 aoe on gate and 300 mobs agro on you, playing during siege with crap fps and to complete, this speed and atk speed buff on elite mobs, so cool, unbelievable!
  14. Enchant rate is a crap, can't even enchant a ancient piece, fix this!
  15. Used 27 legendary enchants in my ultimate pve weapon that was +10 already and i can't even pass from +12. Something is wrong with enchant rate again or was only unlucky?
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