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  1. Gotta love how they drop this bomb and then dip out as to avoid any follow up questions for clarification.
  2. Do we know if they are reducing the price of luna retunes to 20 luna?
  3. Well the topic wasn’t about SW but mostly sorc QQ. But yes, songweaver is a broken class when it obtains kaisinel or marchutan. That sleep, para, 3 shot combo is stupid
  4. Mean about what? You’re basically making the argument for me that I alluded to earlier... some in here want to face tank an opponent while dealing massive damage. Roll a templar if they want that. I’m not the one arguing that sorcs are weak. They are better off than most people like to complain about. These changers are negligible but you’re already hearing an outcry about how sorcs are garbage tier with none of them ever experiencing or seeing what a max out sorc does to people
  5. Clearly you main sorc and know very little as to what a capable sorc with max gear can do. I'm not sure what specifics you want. A max geared/transform sorc is lethal. It can bury his silence so fast and disable you from doing anything so he can sleep you, and do his burst rotation which is strong enough to 100-0 90-100k HP plate. If you do manage to keep him from binding you right off the band and burst him, he can still put up boon of iron clad and be able to keep himself stable and give himself enough time to sleep you... and then start his burst rotation... which can 100-0 you. You want me
  6. Sounds like a lot of people in here want to be able to sit there and face tank whatever they are fighting. You're playing the wrong class.
  7. Everyone has had their life leech skills nerfed. I’ve seen geared sorcs with 22 MR with that buff and it only can go up with altar accessories. That sounds like fun for a cleric or gunner to fight...
  8. What does it matter if it’s arena, duel or open world? Zombie is geared. I am geared. Once we are slept, pro kills us in 4 shots and if I do outplay him and get him to mess up, he can just iron clad and win. Malachyte is being nice but I’ll just straight up say it, maybe some of y’all are just boo boo. Sorcs do insane damage and can sleep to set up those combos. Add runes that give them sleep penetration and more damage and they are a disgusting class when played right.
  9. If we are getting a Frankenstein patch, can we get verification if we are getting the January 30th skill balance + stigma enchant change to all enchants becoming reduced CD?
  10. So we will be getting this patch then? https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_January_30th_2019
  11. Well, they are telling you ahead of time if you’re going into the stream to be a smart ass, don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have the trolls here lining up to ask questions that have nothing to do with 7.0 and mostly to do with crappy event rewards and management
  12. .... I mean... I can find you videos of classes wrecking geared gladiators too. Gunners, sins, Chanters, clerics.... and so forth. Again I’m not stating gladiators aren’t viable, but I think there are better classes. I mean you even said yourself that Better told you he thought Templar was better... and since he’s king glad around these parts, if the guy who plays multiple geared toons and fights multiple geared toons can’t convince you, I sure as hell cant so let’s just agree to disagree
  13. I think people are misconstruing my words and taking it as I’m saying my class is weak or rubbish. We are talking in relative terms. 1v1 my class is fine. It isn’t the worst and it’s not the best. I’m saying there are other classes that I feel are better and offer utility, especially in group. In group, multiple gladiators, the dps is dogshit.
  14. I open world pvp everyday. Not sure how you can miss me. I’ve seen you.
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