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  1. F'in Fail

    are you suggesting that if someone has 12 characters that they should be responsible for doing 12 times the work as a normal player just to get to enjoy all of their characters? So what you're saying is if someone has 12 characters they need to level Aetherforging up to 300 12 times to gear up 12 characters in ultimate aetherforging gear? So what your saying is if someone has 12 characters they need to kinah farm on all 12 characters individually, so you don't have to worry about bots feeding 1 player their mats? If NCSoft wanted to fix the issues they would just monitor bots; not harm 90% of the community by restricting tradeable items so heavily.
  2. Crafting mats

    I don't really post on the forums, but this "untradeable crafting mats" actually drove me to the forums to see if there was a vote pole or something going on for this topic. No matter your class or play style; this "untradeable crafting mats" system is only promoting more bots. bots used to be in just open world but now they are sitting on the broker with pixel matching software looking for "1 kinah" items that are crafting mats because those are the mats that players are trading to each other or to their main toons. This system is garbage because it promotes solo play and only solo play. There is no room for "team play" because you are forced to farm your own mats or buy them at the broker. What about my legion? what if i want to be a proper deputy and help my legion members gear up? can't do that because the mats are untradeable. What if I have a friend that is struggling to get his/her gear up? can't help them because all of the 'new bots' on the broker 'pixel matching' will just snipe my mats i post for 1 kinah before my friend/legion member can grab them. Don't believe me? go post any level of guiding stone for 1 kinah on the broker right now and watch it go in 1 second. I promise it will happen. Literally this untradeable system is destroying people who play multiple toons and/or people who are team players and want to help other players out.