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  1. lol yeah and the day of rate changes i +15 about 5 or 6 peices of ancient gear back to back within about 50-60 stones granted some were already +10 but you get the point hello @Cyan please do some research on this
  2. they probably wont admit again to messed up rates because then they would be expected to compensate players again. ok does not explain the 15 legendarys to go up only +1 from where i was, or the 3 ultimate stones failed in a row. on two characters.
  3. better check the enchanting rates again because ive been none stop failing ancient/legendary/ultimate stones PVE and PVP on PVE and PVP gear. you messed them up once before with patching better check to make sure you didnt do it again because i should not start at +0 and end at +0 after 115 enchantment stones.
  4. thats what you all say, then a skin comes on the BCM and you all login again.
  5. yeah apparently you guys all forgot how to attempt to get players back on a server or faction side? forgot about incentives? like do something you are all just kicked back in your chairs reading complaint after complaint about EK server and not answering anyone. how about a community post to the players of EK what your plan of action is to save the server or merge it with another? dont want to merge and nyerk off DN/KT with housing resets? then create an instance server for housing for player from each server its not hard or impossible. what? doing a merge is difficult and time consuming? well
  6. we need another way to obtain fighting spirits, and its real simple. give us a weekly or daily or both quest to kill elyos/asmo for 3-5 spirits per turn in. will help promote pvp at the same time.
  7. soooo like why cant we purchase motion cards anymore? why are they no longer allowed to be purchased by an NPC and only given to returning players? atleast put them on the BCM for us since you love to make us pay for everything. and what about skins? skins are such a huge part of this game to people and you give us jack squat. like screw this rotation of crap that nobody wants. bring back popular skins, put old instance skins up for sale since you took them all away from us. put old abyss/pvp/medals gear up for sale? maybe an NPC that sells it for AP points id be totally down to purchase
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