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  1. Once I noticed that I really got a White Nesting Doll from +5 Nesting Doll, I made a video, this information didn't appear in the chat. Then it's a strange thing, a bug, why a White Nesting Doll appears from a +5 Nesting Doll, is shouldn't happen by the rules! There's still less use from that White Nesting Doll than from a Broken Nesting Doll My video will appear on https://youtu.be/Gb690RfY5Ps in 25 min.
  2. I watched a video about PWI, it was rather laggy, low FPS, although yeah, looks like they are flying. Thanks. Aion was laggy on sieges in flight in Abyss, but now still more laggy in Lakrum on ground, with or without sieges, with video glitches (big crazy stripes etc) while my CPUs are busy less than 50%, memory too, good GPUs, looks like good equipment never helps to get rid of the lag
  3. Oh, really? Will we have flight combat too?
  4. Flying pvp was the most beautiful type of pvp we could ever have, it was worth recording on video. Ground combat is much more boring, especially when there's low speed. The game surely died, I'm not working on any new gear cause it's so flightless and slow. Please return the flight and the speed!
  5. On 5.x patches flying combat skills were much adjusted and comfortable, compared to how they were on 3.x or 4.x patches before 4.8, as far as I remember. On newer patches, we used to be knocked back, laying on our back in flight, or trapped in flight, so I think there remained no difference between ground and flight skills.
  6. I completely agree with you! Although, I play on Asmo side, there is no differenmce as we both are Daevas! Aion without flying has no sense! Only we old true fans of a flying game, can provide any income to its Masters! Any random bywalkers who test it now, can test very many other non-flying games and find that those are build better, more logical, more adequate and comfortable to play, and will turn away and not really buy stuff on BCM cause they stay indifferent! But a mad flying Aion is another thing, that is valuable for its players who have been flying in dreams since their physical bir
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