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  1. ive tried looking and dont know if im looking in the wrong place or what but cant find the info when you do a character transfer do items in the characters inventory transfer as well?
  2. What is this instance? There are reset scrolls going in bcm this month for thr instance but ive never heard of the shattered version of AS is this a new instance we are getting?
  3. everything that isn't going into the store has to be actively discussed. if its about money just put skins on bcm actually listen to the community and call it a day
  4. sending it to the same devopment team that hasn't been able to fix EC for about 6 months? honestly what is the point of posting this and having everyone get their hopes up that after 10 years ncwest will finally listen to their player base its kinda sick honestly
  5. How does routine maintenance take 3 hours? Thats more time than the actual update we got last week isnt it? Are they implementing anything new in the routine maintenance to make it take so long or fixing bugs?
  6. yes that ive tried it logged in and not, as well as on my phone and it isnt available anymore
  7. cant seem to find the red tracker on forums anymore? i know the CM never has anything worth posting here and lately just doesnt interact with the community at all but seems odd they would just up and get rid of that aspect of the forums
  8. lol may as well be talking to yourself. there is noone managing these forums anymore.it isnt a bad idea and has been called for before especially with gameforge version having pretty much every skin in the game available at the click of a button. but NC west cant even figure out how to fix a bug in the game in a timely manner so that kind of coding is probably out of the question
  9. you lost me bud.how does me wanting the dev team to communicate with the community make me entitled or show a lack of manners? and i never said i was owed anything in my post at any point, i was wondering if there was going to be an update aside from the one we received last month about the instance opening up.and im also pretty sure that nothing has at any point been offered to me at all. STAYSALTY tho my guy
  10. everything i need to know aside from what i am receiving? yes im aware that there is no relevant information in those posts as thats what im assuming the point you were trying to make was
  11. wasnt the dev team supposed to be back on the first? still no response of any kind on EC not even saying that theyre still working on it?
  12. @Cyan Maybe NCsoft does know its NA player base. You give us 2 endgame instances to run 5 times each a week and a couple afk PVP instances a day. I've been back for only 2 months and already have the best instance gear in the game and have nothing better to do than afk and check broker every so often so why not kill two birds with one stone if we are going to be afk anyways lol. There is no actual endgame, no elite skins to farm plus we have like 2 costumes to choose from on BCM and with the little amount we have on broker everyone looks the same anyways. There is no diversity at all so the tr
  13. yeah the items arent the issue i looked it up and foundout that they are no longer in the game just the way that they talked to me was offputting and not how youd expect a game as small as aion to treat its playerbase
  14. hello returning player ive been back for a month or so and unfortunately had a support ticket i had to put in recently. anyways i remember back in the day before i quit around patch 5.0 or something support was amazing and quick to respond and went out of thier way to fix the problem.the ticket wasnt that big of a deal i had 4 weapon wraps and an apollon breasplate go missing since my return, that they said could have been lost in the server merges back when i was on siel and it was merged into katalam. all of the responses take about 2 days to get back to me and seem like they are copy pasted
  15. @Cyan are there supposed to be any black friday sales this week on the bcm?
  16. does the malefic still drop? ive been running ft with 2 differenct alts the last 3 days doing full clears and only get the frostforged skins havent seen any malefic at all. just the skin that drops in the gold kromede chest but as you said thats unlootable for mains
  17. Hello i was on youtube today and found a video for 7.0 mysterious wise dragon king weapons and was wondering where those drop from? Thank you
  18. hello recently came back to the game, last i played was about 2 years ago and i remember munirunerks treasure chamber actually used to be worth spending luna on,but with how hard they are pushing spending money in the game all of the rewards for p2w such as luna gambling and prestige token turn ins seem to be horribly outdated and kind of like dogshit.do they ever intend to rework any of this stuff or is it the same ncsoft where they are unwilling/unable to talk to the community about things they are working on? also i bought the 30 day prestige pass and am just getting back into things but fr
  19. thank you all very much i leveled up so fast i didnt even notice the campaign quests and completely skipped them.i got the gold gear in the lakrum base and has made a considerable difference in my damage and the amount of damage i take.
  20. hello ive recently came back to the game after a year break, or so and have been enjoying it alot but all of my old gear is pretty useless and i do no damage at all with any of my characters.the returning daeva stuff is pretty lackluster they used to give gear sets and stuff now we get motion tickets.i did get one chestplate and a weapon from the statues is there anywhere in the game to continue those quests to get the rest of the items, as ive tried joining groups a few groups since ive been back but they have said my hp is to low to do them.
  21. when did support get so bad.i just came back to the game and had issues with lockbox keys giving me the wrong items. and have had 4 different responses to my ticket from 4 different people and 2 of them didnt even know what a lockbox was.
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