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  1. P2W much?

  2. P2W much?

    I'd say more people agree with my opinions than yours. So nice try, troll. Not sure why you even comment anymore... Since you have nothing to add. As you've said it yourself. So behave.
  3. P2W much?

    Now that's some shady shit right there... Would like to see people defending them as much as they did before this information coming to a light. Thanks 2s105714-DN!
  4. P2W much?

    Yeah you are right about everything. I know for sure one Elyos that did exactly that with stigmas, I won't quit because I was in EUs GameForge and before that, Infinite Aion before it shutdown... So Aion is major part of my free time. If it happens again you wont see me saying anything about it because I wont be here any longer. I'll be gone, trying last option KR servers(rip my casual ass). That's why I'm trying to save what could be saved on NA.
  5. P2W much?

    Naah, just that we can't know for sure, can we? Before this shit, no one even thought about it really. And now that we got to see little behind the curtain we can't actually unsee it and not think about it.
  6. P2W much?

    I wont quit, but I'll tell you what I'll do... and what everyone else should do. Not pay a single dime till this is cleared up. As customers paying for service we have right to know exactly what are we getting and where are we standing. Don't you think so? I'm not asking for much. P.S. on KT I have mounts, skins and dyes bought with NCoin. So I'm not a freeloader, before this I was aiming on prestige 90 days pack, but now. NOPE
  7. P2W much?

    You're mistaken. You can't shut me up when I'm in right here... While you, you're doing this, whatever it is. Idk do you try to act like a smart person or actually think you are. Point is, you have no real arguments and nothing to add to this discussion. You're just here to troll. Here, I'm showing you the door.
  8. P2W much?

    That's true, that would be a bad side effect... but for tough instances people are already asking for gear. And those with fake links only waste their and others time by doing so(Since they'd get kicked as soon he shows incapable of doing things he was invited for. I would put it in all servers, I don't see it as something bad.
  9. P2W much?

    Disabling blocked details would be a start... if it's all regular and there's nothing to hide. Or better, only option that opposition side can't see your details... So it wouldn't be abused in PvP. I trust most Elyos are trustworthy and honorable people. Like Cozy's legion mate.
  10. P2W much?

    Funny how you assumed everyone here is from North America...This right here tells us more about you than you think you know about people here. ''it was confirmed by Cyan'' should that mean something? How about someone not biased? Let me remind you(since it appears to me that you have a memory of goldfish) NCsoft West is in North America and most of their employees(if not all) are from NA. So people you're shitting on now, are same people you're defending. All people are asking for is proof, that this matter is solved, that's all. No one should take a word from GM that obviously picked his side, no offense.
  11. P2W much?

    I agree... And that Cozy dude is Elyo, why would he lie when he said his legion mates reported different players on their side having similar items? He has nothing to gain from this. So how can Jirachi's item be ''single instance''?
  12. P2W much?

    That's all? They said it was an error, never what kind of error and how it came to be. They said they removed that item. Is that all it takes to convince you guys?