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  1. Transparent scrolls and craft gear tradeable, kthx.
  2. This explains perfectly how broken enchantment system is. The worst part is it doesnt matter if you are using Ancient or Legendary stones. @Cyan
  3. Well, for me enchantment rates and looking for more ways to get pvp enchant Ancient/Legendary should be a priority, its really frustrated trying to get something to +15, and if you are lucky get only +10. Broker feeds should be fix too. And maybe do something about the insane farming aspect of the game? i dont want to sound rude or racist but maybe for asians its ok and they like it, but in this side of the world its not, i mean, i have a life and a job, i dont want to spend 8 hours everyday farming in a game when i have most important things to do, its a game, not a job... (Btw, this is
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