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  1. lol, I reread it and it didn't seem like it to me & @Cyan Ty for the name change ticket! <3
  2. yas~! it was previously stated it will return 5/29/2019's maintenance
  3. @Cyan Where's the name change ticket you guys said was coming out this week?
  4. Because NCSOFT sold the EU rights to GameForge. You've managed to download the client from the EU website and login to the NA website. NA doesn't even have 6.0 yet, we get it on the 24th. NA http://na.aiononline.com/en/ EU https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/
  5. 2.0 is the same style as 5.0 open world. the only difference is location instead of 30 people camping a fortress in ingi or 30 people camping an artifact in gelk, it's main towns in norsvold/iluma. If you liked 2.0 pvp you should like 5.0, You are probably nostalgic about 2.0 is all. People running away at the first sight of an enemy is nothing new, people have done that since release. 3.0 was easily the best patch for pvp in my opinion. 4.0 - 4.5 was okay until people didn't need to do bloodmark quests, so a few weeks of the patch.
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettyMuddyMarjoramSmoocherZ
  7. most likely a crucible draft, it says 10% but pretty sure its like 100% pvp attack/def. if this happens again, check the drink buff as the crucible draft looks like the drink buff icon. $100 potion. http://aioncodex.com/us/item/160010238/ http://aioncodex.com/us/skill/10531/
  8. I believe the crit cap for FM is around 1300-1450. Instead of answering with a straight value for attack, Your weapons should be at least +10-15 harvester if not master harvester. Your armor should be +10-15 apollon / harvester / master harvester with at least +6 power stones, maybe attack 6 crit 9's for some pieces depending on what you slot. You could even use your PVP armor for higher stats, but you will be squishier in PVE. With what I mentioned and greywolf accessories you should have at least 1400 attack with a good amount of PVE attack and that's plenty to do FM with. The res
  9. You have to deliberately open the door, it's an exploit if anything. no hacking required. for obvious reasons I won't say how to do it on the forums though, made a ticket about it though I doubt that will do anything. I find it extremely amusing that you 2 are posting though, I've seen both of you glide hack in this event 10/10 defence.
  10. It worked a lot better back then because all the items from sunayaka could be traded. So what would happen is the leader would loot everything and then have rolls for the items THEY COULD USE back in town. It could work the same way now if stuff was tradable but it's not.
  11. no GP lul sounds like you should make a 2nd league and spam FFA loot so all the like minded individuals can join you. Or maybe we should just exclude everyone and kill it with a few alliances who will actually follow loot rules.
  12. sounds like it's time to truly be elitist jerks like everyone who complains says we are.
  13. how many times did you restore your +38 shoulders and +33 chest piece?
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