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  1. You shouldn't read too much into dislikes...esp for an aion video. You have people who dont play this game for year and still log on to social media and other outlets just to talk shit about the game. Its also impossible to please everyone and that will always be someone hating because how dare u try to show me how to do something to help me?? Also u can look on you youtube for a video of a baby laughing and thousands of people will dislike it...why?
  2. After yall tried your absolute best to get EC disables now u make this post when u realize its cancer to get Etium. If they could just disable the kick button they would of done that a long time ago as they said they already did in the patch notes a while back but still didnt. Good try tho
  3. I just wanna say special thanks to the person that nyerked this up in the first place....You are the real nyerking MVP and we appreciate you..
  4. Thats just a copy paste for dramatic effect. I combine every time i get 4 ....and i still dont have the 2 skills.
  5. Hi @Cyan @Hime I would like first express my frustration in this situation and then suggest some possible improvements. This patch has been out for over a year now and i am STILL missing 2 Daevanion skills. After getting my first 8 skills, to this day i have opened 51 Legendary Daevanion Skill Boxes and i am still missing those 2 skills. I understand this this is RNG but this is madness. At this point in the game our Daevanion Skills are a necessity and quite common so we shouldn't have to struggle this much to acquire what we need in a timely manner. For the sake of u
  6. 6. Changed the difficulty of Crucible Spire. This change is actually an increase in difficulty
  7. "This is just a preview of what’s in Aion: Mark of the Vandal launching on August 21. Be sure to log in from August 21 to August 28 to be eligible to receive your FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack and stay tuned for more details!" "There’s plenty more to be discovered in Aion: Mark of the Vandal. Don’t forget to log in an create a new Vandal class character when the update launches on August 21 to receive a FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack." @Cyan Hi ....For the people who have 8 characters and were depending on the extra slots from prestige to make their painter in order to receive the free Van
  8. Its pretty sad that we cant even have all the classes on the same account cuzz we can only make 8 characters ? what exactly is the point of limiting us to 8 when there are 11 classes atm? If its that serious then do as BNS did and offer character slots for 400 ncoin..
  9. End of the World event will begin. Full details will be available tomorrow morning. End of the World event will begin. Full details will be available tomorrow morning. End of the World event will begin. Full details will be available tomorrow morning. im guessing after server comes up ?
  10. Plot twist best reward ...Pandora gear LOLLLLLLL
  11. in about 80 runs i have not seen an ancient shugo
  12. https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/3686-patch-notes-aion-7-0/
  13. Dont spam....this is an actual good message we need to get across
  14. What is dead may never die except this game ..if we keep getting these events
  15. On BNS its 400 Ncoin for a character slot i would pay that easily
  16. what does this have to do with anything? I didnt suggest more character slots for any of the above reasons.
  17. Looking to acquire this name. Plz message me if you have info
  18. @Cyan Just a suggestion ..but there are 11 classes in the game at the moment and we can only have a max of 8 characters per account. Can we at least have a max of 11 character slots so we can have 1 per class for the people who enjoying having alts ? This is only gonna get more painful when painter comes out and i have to delete another toon to make one
  19. Hi @Cyan when does this event end sir?
  20. well this is some tragic information
  21. Please bring unbinding stones on the bcm or purchasable some way in game please and thanks @Cyan
  22. Already failed 15/20 ultimate stones i crafted and then they say its working as intended????
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