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  1. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    Dont spam....this is an actual good message we need to get across
  2. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    What is dead may never die except this game ..if we keep getting these events
  3. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    I wasnt even trying was just doing my FMs
  4. It exist boys and girls....
  5. Character Creation Slots

    On BNS its 400 Ncoin for a character slot i would pay that easily
  6. Character Creation Slots

    what does this have to do with anything? I didnt suggest more character slots for any of the above reasons.
  7. Looking to acquire this name. Plz message me if you have info
  8. Character Creation Slots

    @Cyan Just a suggestion ..but there are 11 classes in the game at the moment and we can only have a max of 8 characters per account. Can we at least have a max of 11 character slots so we can have 1 per class for the people who enjoying having alts ? This is only gonna get more painful when painter comes out and i have to delete another toon to make one
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Hi @Cyan when does this event end sir?
  10. Unbinding stones

    well this is some tragic information
  11. Unbinding stones

    Please bring unbinding stones on the bcm or purchasable some way in game please and thanks @Cyan
  12. No way is enchanting not busted

    Already failed 15/20 ultimate stones i crafted and then they say its working as intended????

    i too would love the opportunity to acquire an ultimate weapon after playing this game every day since the patch came out :aionblushface: BE-YOU-M-P
  14. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    fun fact idiot what do you think is going to happen when you reach 1 star officer ? ur not going to get AP or GP either
  15. BCM JOKE 2019

    wow dude are u kidding me ? Ancient PVP Enchantment Stone x10 is DEFINITELY 3400 ncoin....