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  1. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    fun fact idiot what do you think is going to happen when you reach 1 star officer ? ur not going to get AP or GP either
  2. BCM JOKE 2019

    wow dude are u kidding me ? Ancient PVP Enchantment Stone x10 is DEFINITELY 3400 ncoin....
  3. Mighty Morphing Minium

    Awwwwwww shit i didnt know u have a change for a max grade B....
  4. Mighty Morphing Minium

    Hi... Can we please have some sort of morph to morph Grade C Minium to B Grade and if its not too much trouble Grade B to A. At this point we have nothing to do with Grade C minium. And for crying out loud...Please remove Major minion contracts from events
  5. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    lol trust me i feel the same way but to avoid situations like that they can even give rewards that everyyyyone would like. there are many items needed on a daily basis that we would appreciate way more then 1k shards
  6. I would like to understand why yall are so against giving us actual rewarding and fulfilling items from events? I am well aware that the game is RNG based but why is the worst drop on the loot table so terrible? i have opened 10 Hearts and now i have 8k power shards and 10 Transparent transformation scrolls. Playing this game on a daily basis and gearing up we have actual needs and shards from even boxes is not one of them.We need Kinah or a way to make kinah or PVP enchantment stones for example. I am not sure if yall think the aion community is just swimming in kinah but we are struggling out here. Please Help us out with these events @Cyan
  7. Bring back the emotes please

    @Cyan Sorry to bother you for something that seems this small but can we please have back the emotes we could of purchased in San? hover/ninja / kiss ect.
  8. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    ooh this is assuming i win every siege and get 210 gp each time...I mean its not a big deal. I am just asking its nice being able to xform... And let be real the 200+ people infront me not gonna quit ...So for newer players or people who re roll like myself we will never see xform.
  9. So if my calculation are correct it take approximately 6.19047619047 years to get from 4 star officer to 5 star. Is this going to be like this forever? Are there any future planned changes for GP ? @Cyan
  10. 82 pvp enc stones .. for a +5 Ancient Pauldron?

    Before enchanting try using /rng+