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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 15, 2020

    All this and a bag of chips. The difference between +0-+5 and +15 is like.. lv50 gold pvp set versus myth rank 1 with slotted composites. It's absolutely crazy. I don't even mind spending money in this game, but all I can bring myself to do is a Prestige Pack, and even then I'm rethinking that. I understand the "tHe DeVs aRe iN koReA, NCWEST cAn't dO anYThing" counter argument that seems to pop up when ever someone expresses their displeasure (or questions whether or not reward mechanics are going to be patched) I really do. But that doesn't mean people should stop expressing it. It should fill every post, and be replied to every thing any CM posts, even out of context. Because the minute people stop complaining, it means they've stopped caring. So +3000 Horuz and Casey, kudos! And just one last thing... There is apparently stones that are going to drop from this new event. The fact that we have to wait for events to grab stones, and possibly (realistically) skip out on greater rewards just to spam instances and luna resets to get LEGENDARY enchantments stones to enhance our gear to the point where we go from getting 2-3 shot, to 4-5 shot, is not a counter argument. Just saying Cheers!
  2. Sorc PvE rotation

    Thanks! I didn't think about Spear gust, was looking at that as a more pvp option, but you're right, that 8s or so debuff would fit nicely at least around flame fusion on an opener. The PvP thing... yeah, been on the receiving end of some... stuff
  3. Sorc PvE rotation

    So I've unlocked Raging Inferno and Magic Rush. Let me say, quite a nice upgrade in dmg. I have some questions though. Should I be weaving in Raging every 1-2 cast skills? Or should I let the DOT tick for 8s, especially the crits. Math says weave it, regardless of ticks, but just want to make sure I'm not missing something. Also, is it worth waiting for the debuff from Blaze (-250 magic defense) on an opening, or is the little dmg you gain from that out weighed by actually just popping Vaz + Rush and nuking with some RI weaves? And just saving harpoon as a filler? Thanks in advance!
  4. Utimate Aureate and Fierce Aureate?

    'cause reading big hard
  5. Ranger 6.2 Stigmas/Manastones

    Jump cast it, and use an instant skill as you land, and you'll never be rooted. You also gain the dmg modifier for moving forward on your very next skill