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  1. iLevel system ? / iLevel zone

    Yeah you are right I used to forget pvp in Aion since 5.0 ... When the +25 geared people with a Sheba who hit you instantly with 25k in your face.... The hell began there. I didn't think even with a full over geared, you have 5 second fights... this is so useless to do all of these gears at all finaly... This is so ridiculous, why now 2 shots a player is fun ?? All game I play now are like this. The new way is one shot everything no brain, no skill. Just push 2 buttons. -_-' This generation makes me sick lol I think I will just go back on Not Aion for pvp lol I played there between 5.0 and 6.0 and between 6.0 and 7.5 lol I was hoping with the easier way to get gear and stigmas etc, the pvp will be more reachable but you confirm that even with all your gear, pvp is still awfull :'( RIP Aion ... :'(
  2. iLevel system ? / iLevel zone

    This is so disapointing Real aion players really do want to play and have a better game experience but all developpers see is the pay to win and farm way. A timer in Lakrum could really help too.. I suggested they just do like a Chaotic Vale for Lakrum, put a max stats, so everybody can fight in an ''equal'' way. But as you say, suggestions are not listened so
  3. iLevel system ? / iLevel zone

    Hi, This is the only solution I found to get a better PvP experience. As an old Aion player (since 3.8), I saw the whole evolution of the game. My husband play since 2.8, we litterally MEET on Aion !!!! Aion is our love story lol My husband has been governor of Calindi/Asmo (Europe) a short time but he was one of the most known cleric dps in PvP. He was ONLY in PvP. This is all he did all the time he played on Aion (ok some pve one time a week lol xD). He did all his full great general gear +15 all by playing and farming Tiamat's eye .. He downed Sunayaka with 2 assassins only... they where 3, 2 hours during and they killed it. We saw the really best time of Aion. We even created other characters on Suthran/Elyos ... We were geared as Rank 1 and Star off 2. He won the first Fire Dragon event as the biggest PvP killer on the server. He was playing alone most of the time or with me. If I am telling you this, it's only to say that we have experience in Aion, we know what we are talking about, especially PvP. Playing 2 v 5 in PvP, against good players, you were able to kill 2-3 of them without being one shot in less than a second. You were ABLE to play, even if you haven't the best gear of all time. You were ABLE to use GAMEPLAY and SKILLS to win the fight. Calculating your CD's, kiting the ennemy, cover the silence, stunt at the good time, not remove shock at the first sin's stunt, control to recover CD's.... They were REAL FUNNY fights. THIS is now missing in Aion, except if you are the full best overgeared vs the full best overgeared (and by overgeared I mean Minion S, +15 daevanion skills, stigmas +15, all shining stone +5, all runestone+5, with the brand new ultimate xform, + all the ultimate avanced jewels, etc) So, me, as a coming back player, with my stigmas +3 (lol), my ancient gear +10 (I stopped 6.0 lol), naked as a worm, how, is it, possible, to play in Aion (no I don't BCM lol) ? Ok so I farmed my entire titan coin pvp and pve gear. People told me : ''go farm Katalam gear'' ...lol... Each time I get in this map, I am raped in less than 2 minutes. I can't even have time to kill 5 mobs for the quest, I am dead. Even if I group, a guy arrives and kill all 3-5 of us in less than a minute lol. As an Asmo player, we all know how Elyos are numerous in maps. Where is my fun now ? How I can enjoy playing Aion actually ? I farm Lakrum to get Dark Talon gears, I can survive but most of the time, I have to go early in the morning or at night to play in peace. The second an Elyos pops on me, I die. But wait ? Lakrum isn't supposed to be a ''starter'' map ??? lol... Are you telling me the newbie player will discover Aion in Lakrum ?! LOL. How to traumatize a player. Oh wait... I get it ... A traumatized player will be more susceptible to go to BCM no ??? Now that Aion have changed the whole levelling and gameplay content at lvl 80, everything is worst than ever. If in old times, low lvl were separated from high lvl for obvious reasons, why now low geared vs high geared can't be separated ???? The gear is now the new level in Aion, wouldn't you think ??? Why don't you add now an iLevel system ? If we have iLevel, there will be iLevel zones. And these zones could be or forbidden for higher iLvL or stats will be limited (HP, MA/PA, MC/PC, MR/BL). I know making this is a huge task, but I hope Aion will think for the futur and think about this. Or they will make like World of Warcraft and come back to an old system and lower the level max. I am really sad to think that if I don't farm everyday 12h a day or if I don't put money in BCM, I never will be able to play in PvP at an high ''iLevel'' ... I really do love PvP in Aion and I really miss it too ! I know this won't probably never happen, but I have to say it anyway lol
  4. Pin bug

    Same for me this morning. Yesterday I played, everything ok. This morning I log in.... I am ''ban'' 8 hours for too much bad tries on the pin code.... I thought my account was hacked. ***edit Ok i tried to log in again and no problem to enter the pin code...
  5. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Question : I came back on Aion on July ... Since July, I farm the Dark Talon set ... actually I have my weapon dark talon legendary +15 ... The cost is pretty high (23 M AP, I have it) to upgrade to ultimate... and 1 legendary ring +14 .. all others legendary are +10 or less. What should I do ? Is it good to continue actually to make the dark talon or is it better to wait next patch ? I read about the new patch that the new silentera gear will be farmable and you'll have collection too... Like to have a bonus stats, you'll need 10 ultimate tunic and 10 ultimate weapon.. This is very confusing as I come back Should I just wait for the new gear ? Will I be able to farm it with my titan coin gear lol ? Thanks !
  6. Here we go - Another bug - Daishunerk game of fate

    Never mind. I found the ''bug'' ... inventory full
  7. https://media.giphy.com/media/fw3FVDPOuNFXBRR3De/source.mp4 I started to roll dice, everything is ok as usual, suddenly, as you can see on gif, nothing works. I usually roll for 1200 lunas to get the rewards, I am stuck there with 400 lunas used. Will I lose my rewards because NCsoft is soooo dead and broken ????? Seriously, I am back on Aion since 3 months, I am SO disappointed. The game is so bugged, and I don't talk about enchanting rate that is sooooooo hard and bad. I don't know why I still lose my energy in Aion.
  8. https://media.giphy.com/media/fw3FVDPOuNFXBRR3De/source.mp4 I started to roll dice, everything is ok as usual, suddenly, as you can see on gif, nothing works. I usually roll for 1200 lunas to get the rewards, I am stuck there with 400 lunas used. Will I lose my rewards because NCsoft is soooo dead and broken ????? Seriously, I am back on Aion since 3 months, I am SO disappointed. The game is so bugged, and I don't talk about enchanting rate that is sooooooo hard and bad. I don't know why I still lose my energy in Aion.
  9. Hi, As the title, it's not possible to craft the Balaurea Request for the event. It finish Sep. 2 and I farm each day to craft 1 request.... so please make it back fast....
  10. Cap stats in Lakrum ???

    Hi, Little suggestion. Just cap stats in Lakrum. I am bored of overgeared full advanced stigma and daevanion skill noobs farming me in Lakrum. I have 50k HP, songweaver. I played with my husband, cleric. We take 46k to 75k in ONEEEE HIT. We meet spiritmaster overgeared, obviously, he fears us, you can't silence him, you can't sleep him, and I hit him at 2-4 k on phase 3 please. How am I suppose to kill him ? Sin's came, you hear ''schling-schling ... schling'' (just hit without skill............. lol), my cleric died. How the hell is it possible to farm genesis, gear, quests, with these cancers turning in Lakrum, one-two shoting all of casual/new/old players. Are they so bad they can't afford to go pvp in demaha or katalam ? Or they are just no brain people who loves one shot no geared player ? Where is the good old pvp time in Aion ? Just cap the stats, these overgeared player will need a little of gameplay to kill us instead of spaming 1 button. The PvP will be fun like this. You did it in Chaotic Vale, why not in Lakrum, a supposed begginers map ..... Example, magic attack should be cap at 14k and pvp attack/defense at 500. Hp at 60-70k. All advanced skills should be disabled. Every fight will be equal and fun. I know it will never happen but anyway, this is my opinion.
  11. Game Unbalanced For New/Returning Players

    lol, you really want the solution ? Follow ncsoft mentality. Pay to win. Ncsoft did everything to push player to buy in BCM. I started to play Aion on gameforge in 2012 ... At this time, the only thing you were able to buy in BCM was candies, skins, pets, ''prestige pass'' and keys for chest in tiamat eyes (gives you AP to get ranked, but chest wasnt ez to find and you needed to farm them.... GP was not existing at this time). I saw the whole evolution of Aion. In 2012-2013, beginning of 4.0, we had bloodmark gear and was still able to kill player in great general geared +15. The damage dealt wasnt so high, nobody oneshooted. You were able to do it but you needed gameplay. The game was fun and a bit ''hard''. A brain was needed to play Aion. Nowadays, you need money. Nowadays, the only gameplay is dealing so high damage you don't need to think what to do. 100% of times I go PVP, ALL players, overgeared or not, DON'T KNOW HOW TO COVER A SILENCE. W --- TTT --- FFFFF. I have 50k HP, they ONE hit me at 46k to 75k !?!?!? How a game evolved so badly in this way ? The last 4 years, me and my husband stopped Aion 3 times because we were so frustrated. Playing without buying in BCM was impossible. Enchanting failed a lot, we stopped to PVP because it was totally unplayable with pvp base gear (and we just abandoned the idea of having stigma +9). Our both plumes exploded with temporing solution we farm so hard. With the Lakrum patch and the new gear system, we were unable to get a +15 on ancient gear while pay to win players were still soo overgeared. Why ncsoft punish so hard players who doesn't pay to win ? And now here we are, we came back one month ago, pvp is still unplayable, enchanting is still awfull but you can now have free stigma enchant stone and others enhancement objects but you need to farm in korean mode. Aion is now garbage, the game is dead and NCsoft clings to pay to win player and give them rewards. The game is totally unbalanced and stupid. The only thing I can tell you is take a free prestige pass 7 days, create 12 characters lvl 10, farm luna each days, play the luna dice game, sell all you win. Good luck
  12. Enchanting tips please ?!

    Thanks for all your answers ! I was doing all you said except the ''rage enchant'' ... I'll take a break between because I always feel I am in a failing phase LOL We farmed the Titan Coin/Genesis set for beginning so we are full ultimate but we dont enchant it. Honnestly I tried many times in katalam and demaha but it's very hard ... Elyos are everywhere and they hit hard lol, I am always 2 shots and can't kill anybody We are solo players, we group when there are people but katalam/demaha is really not for duo non geared Thanks for your help, I'll try not rage quit Aion again hahah :')
  13. Hi, I came back on Aion 3 weeks ago. I stopped play Aion 1-2 years ago, it was the Lakrum patch with the beggining of enchant ancient gear +15, after legendary and after ultimate... The enchanting was so hard (more than 250 ancient stones + lengendary, IMPOSSIBLE to get a +15 on ANCIENT) ... we were so frustrated (i play with my husband), both, we stopped playing Aion. 4 years ago, we stopped playing aion because at this time, fail tempering solution on your plume can broke it... our plumes were +7, we farmed and play hours and hours to get this ... +8 both... POOF, no more plume. /uninstall aion. Now, after 3 weeks of farming, getting all stones we can (genesis, titan coin, siege, bg, etcetc) ... It needed 2 weeks, more than 160 ancient stone + some legendary to ONLY get +10 to +15 on ANCIENT gear?!?!? I was +8 on legendary plume, 60 ancient stone, unable to get + 10, i finished +2... i got to +6 with lengedary (lol), I used 11 lengendary stone, i finish +8 ?! ........ I asked many people in game, they generaly said to me they needed 10-15 stones ancient on legendary to get +8, 10-15-20 ancient on ancient gear to get +15 ... ?!?!? Why I need 160 for +10 to +15 ? Am I only not lucky after 5 years playing on Aion NA and each time, stop because everything link to enchant doesn't work ?!?!? Do I need to pay to win to up my success enchant rate ??? Is it normal ?? Should I use ultimate enchant stone from +6 on legendary ?!?!? PvP is still and still unplayable since 3 years. How could new players or old players without pay to win can play actually when all are +15, with full daevanion skill, stigma +9 or +15, ultimate transformation, and this OMG minion S with 15k PV -_-. I can't even think about enchanting stigma because there are so much thing to do. Why we can't be geared faster to get in game faster and fight in pvp faster ?? EACH BG, EACH PVP, EACH Arena, there are only players who 2-3 shoots me. Tell me where is the fun of being farm ? I don't ask for a Dark Talon ultimate +15 in 3 weeks .... but ONE piece of gear dark talon ultimate +0 each week would be just perfect. So what I do wrong ? Do you have tips, wich stone to use on wich gear etc... We are so bored now, we farm non stop and aren't able to get ancient gear +15... Thanks.
  14. How to get GP ?

    Nice thanks for the tip !!! I'll go farm bloodmark
  15. How to get GP ?

    Aaaaah ! I didn't know for Katalam Sieges ! Nobody do alliance to group for siege in Katalam so now I understand why I didn't know lol ! Yeah I saw I miss 1 siege I lost many places lol I'll look for Katalam Sieges, this will help ! I only want xform because in 7 years playing Aion, I never had the chance to test it Now I think it's possible A big thank you for you help !