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  1. @Kibbelz can you please tell us if the guaranteed ultimate transformation for 12x fail combines is coming back? Is it only when announced beforehand? You said "This will also apply to all future promotions where bonus rewards are provided for obtaining Ultimate Transformations through transformation combination." Does that mean during the current pumpkin event?
  2. We also need at least twice the amount of space in our quest log. Can't even come close to holding on to all the dailies/weeklies we need to with added quests from update.
  3. While there are several good suggestions I think the one that will benefit everyone, new players and old, would be to allow all enchantment stones and manastones to be account tradeable. With the nerfs put in place this patch getting these items are much harder and this small change would allow more gameplay because all characters on an account then become playable. On a personal note I would love to see all skins available all the time on the BCM. This would be such a money maker I honestly can't fathom why its never been this way. But if not all skins then at least put the full set of o
  4. @Cyan are the rotating boost weekends continuing in February?
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