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  1. I appreciate the advice, really, but with this post I'm just looking for a combo, a recommended order for the skills, if there is any. Only that. Just a picture of the order in which they throw their skills, if you consider that cooldown is well coordinated, and things like that Btw, I understand that phys att is better for PvE, and crit for PvP, at least that's what ppl say
  2. I understand that going with stigmas dps would be a solution, but it's not what I'm looking for. On the new server we are still not very well equipped, so going with a supp chanter is necessary for PF or IDD. That's why I need a combo with those stigmas. Combo for normal skills. However, I'm going to try that combination too
  3. Hi, could someone share a good combo for a support chanter ?, I need to increase the dps in instances and I think that would help me (among other things). I currently have this: https://ibb.co/dtDpP9w Thanks for ur time
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