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  1. Any spanish players?

    Hola, gracias por responder, no sabia que se podía hablar español en el foro, ya que en otro juego donde andaban lo prohibian por eso hice el post inicialmente en inglés. Ohhhh te puedo agregar?? si si estoy en KT y tengo una Elyos (en otroservidor una Asmo), igual la proxima persona que te agregará probablemente sea yo, telo diré en un wishper, convenci a una amiga de entrar también! muchisimas gracias de verdad!!!!!!
  2. Any spanish players?

    Hello, I'm new to the game, I basicallyjoined a few days ago but I feel really alone,not only because any person in the game speaks when I ask something to know how to keep doing thing, but because I can't find any other person who speaks spanish. I wanted to try really bad Aion because I like the lore, plus the aestethic of the game, but Ihave to say: I feel alone since I just can't have a ny friend in there? I just gives me any kind of motivation tokeep playing it,but I really want to keep doing it because I like how it is going :(. So, my question is: Is there any spanish or hispanic legions to join? or is there any legion who allows non english players (with bad english skills haha) to join them?