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  1. An ideea to help players

    They should add a way to the merchant who sells the ancient enchant stones to allow exchanges. Exchange 10 ancient stones to get 1 legendary, and 10 legendaries for 1 ultimate. Might be 20 stones for 1 as well, but this would help alot. Then even people in legendary gear still have a use for ancient stones and will keep doing camps and weeklies to get genesis crystals. As soon as you get full legendary gear, what do you do to get better atm? Camps won't help out at all, as well as weeklies because those don't give anything you can use. Where can you even find 1 ultimate pvp enchant stone? Nobody has even seen one. This way, everybody has a chance to get them. All you need to do, is keep doing weeklies and camps. Just waiting for siege to happen and a few pvp dungeons that "might" give one is a bad way to keep legendary/ultimate geared players busy.
  2. PVP enchantment rates

    They should make it so that once you reach +10, your level doesn't drop anymore upon failure. Or stop reducing the enchant level from +1 to +15 alltogether when it fails. Then I'm ok with rates of 28% success rate. You'll burn stones as well but you can still reach +15 that way. Just let the stone be destroyed but keep the level. Wasting 100 stones to finally reach +13, then one failure and it drops to +10 again, that's just bullshit. That means you didn't just lose the previous 100 stones but the next 100 stones as well to get up to +13 again. When the level doesn't drop anymore, then rates could be down to 10% above +10 for all I care, just stop wasting our progress by punishing your gear to drop back to +10 on every fail. Setting enchant rates higher doesn't really make up for it like they do in 6.5, you'll still get punished when it fails, the only benefit is you'll get a bigger chance to reach +15 with less stones.
  3. Not a good time to come back?

    That's not the point (ping issues and siege times). Somewhere I also found that both versions should be kinda similar in features, or at least, that's what they want, to make the server retail-like as in Korea, which clearly doesn't seem to be the case. But one server gives alot of free stuff, while the other does not. I always played on NA because everyone said Gameforge sucks, doesn't listen to their players, playerbase sucks and so on, and is more p2w than NA. To me, it seems like the other way around atm. Shouldn't Aion be Aion, where all servers are basically identical, with same prices, same items, same everything?
  4. Not a good time to come back?

    I left Aion NA and went to Aion EU after 8 years of playing here. When they say they're reducing the amount of events and you see what they come up with to just have one for the holidays, well, I don't have to draw a picture for that. Even during holidays, they come up with a single bugged event which has even crappier rewards. A single legendary stone after 2 weeks of pvping and trying to shoot tree-hugging shugos? Come on, one of the events on EU gives a bundle of 10 legendary pvp stones, or 15 for PvE stones. In Aion EU, they have 3 events at once during the holidays. they don't complain about having an event-driven economy instead of wanting a gameplay-driven economy by ripping away kinah from players and reducing events to a minimum to force you to play the game without focusing on events. Such things just drive players away to seek better servers, but they still think you'll spend even more money to replace those events or whatever. Mirash/CoE bosses give 500k and 2.4m resp. (CoE's 2.4m is divided by the amount of players so in duo, each gets 1.2m, trio get 800k each and solo gets you the full 2.4m). Though I've heard this won't be permanent, not sure about how long this will stay this way. They want to implement Platinerk system or some Hero system, don't know what they are yet. They have snowballs event atm, as well as lucky dice event, where you get 1 free dice every week and get 3 more every day from shop for free, that's 22 dice every week. Each roll gives a reward, like free luna bundle, enchant stones, transform potions or scrolls, abyss relics, potions, shards, ... And they just had an event that gave bouquets of Illusion, both free and from instance bosses, but was too late to get 6000 of them to get a free Legendary Weapon or set of wings, the ones you get from BoS. They already gave me a free Gold Pack for 7 days via email to unlock every feature (broker mainly), since their broker is mostly off-limits for non-paying players. You can't buy or sell anything on broker, except gold packs can be bought as I was told. This allowed me to buy another gold pack for 30 days from someone else on the broker using 26m kinah, so I can play for free and still have the same options as a paying player. With that gold pack active, you can grab 40 luna every month from their shop for free, as well as a box that gives 30 shugo coins every day for 30 days. With 40 luna, you can do 8 rolls on luna shop (the one where you roll for treasure chests), they cost only 5 luna each, not 30 as on NA. I even got 2 free transformation contracts for free and I'll get them every week as well, even without gold pack. When you have 3500 of those shugo coins (that's in 4 months), you can buy yourself a permanent mount, even without spending a single cent. NA doesn't offer such perma mounts ingame anymore AFAIK (unless you already had one from earlier patches), correct me if I'm wrong. Also they don't offer free luna or shugo coins AFAIK. Add to that a lower ping (I'm from EU): 30-150ms on EU server while having 200+ on NA. During siege, I couldn't even enter the fortress, my skills wouldn't trigger and my char kept jumping back and forth, all I could do is wait to get disconnected due to internet lag, even with SHIFT+F12. Joined 2 sieges on EU, didn't get disconnected once and skills work fine there. Even my son's game doesn't stutter on EU, his game on NA kept freezing for a second every 5 seconds or so. It's not his pc, because on EU, he doesn't have that issue. I can join more sieges (6 out of 8 instead of only 3, because the ones at 9pm in the week are at 4am for me over here). And they say Gameforge is more p2w than NA. At least you get some free stuff like a paying player, even without actually paying. Just gotta farm 25m or so every month to get all those benefits and buy a gold pack from other players off the broker. Also the amount of players is alot higher. Past 4pm, when most people get off from school or work, Lakrum homebase is filled with players, about the same amount as on NA right before siege. But this amount on EU is not right before siege, it's every day. Any reasons I should leave EU and stay at Aion NA?
  5. Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

    Yes, I've read what I posted. They should make better rates for enchanting so that anyone (both p2w players as casual players) can reach ultimate gear in a reasonable timeframe. That's why this patch was created in the first place, or it was advertised as being that way. This patch was supposed to make EVERYONE a winner, even a casual player who only can play 2-3 hours a day without spending any money. But they messed it up with these ridiculous rates and prices that make it impossible, even for paying players to reach maximum gear, stats, transform contracts, whatever. I don't want to spend half a year, farming my ass off 10h a day, kill thousands of asmos, run 500 sieges to get some gear that's barely any better than my last one. I want to feel the difference when I get better gear, not just 1% extra damage. That would be silly and everyone would just quit after reaching lvl 80 and getting ancient genesis gear, because it would not be worth to spend any more time on the game to even try to reach ultimate gear that only does 1% extra damage. Where is the logic that anyone with ancient gear at +0 would be able to defeat a player wearing ultimate +15 for example? Why would you even try to get ultimate gear if a noob with ancient stuff can defeat you? To have 5% extra HP or some 3% extra defense, in hope you die in 5 hits instead of 4? If this was the case, I would just level to lvl 80, get my ancient genesis gear and quit, because there is nothing more to reach for, as continuing to play will only take time, lots of effort for basically nothing as you know ancient geared players will still be able to kill you 1vs1 when you finally get +15 ultimate stuff. Then wearing ultimate gear would just be for show, nothing more. So all the farming, running instances, joining sieges would be useless and endgame would just be to reach lvl 80, get your ancient genesis stuff and get out.
  6. List of Issues for 6.2

    You got to be kidding to set all sieges in Lakrum at 9pm server time? That's 4am in EU, we will never be able to attend 1 siege. The one on saturday at 6pm server time is the only one I can attend (and probably the one on sunday in abyss at 6pm as well, but only every 2 weeks), and you want to take that away as well?
  7. Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

    I actually like the gear difference. It's not funny to get hammered down in 1-2 hits by someone who's wearing ultimates, but when you can upgrade your gear, you at least FEEL the difference. In previous patches, when you got a new set of gear, the difference in damage to mobs or during pvp was minimal. Why would you spend half a year to collect a new set of gear to do 1600 damage to a mob instead of 1500 with same skill? The difference in gear stats was so small, it appeared not even worth the time to get new gear. A new set of gear would bring your magic boost from 3100 to 3200 or so, and the extra damage was negated as well due to being capped using AC gear. The difference between the default lakrum protector gear and genesis pve gear on mobs is also huge, so you can at least feel you're getting stronger. And when you reach ultimate gear yourself, you'll laugh at ancient geared player as well. I've also been in a group of 4vs1 chanter and we couldn't kill him either. Chanter was nearly dead but 5secs later, he was full health again. But I agree that there shouldn't have been any player with ultimate exchange gear. Is that the best gear you can get (exchange gear), or is the genesis ultimate gear or even crafted ultimate masterwork gear or instance gear better than exchange gear? Because if it's the best (which I doubt), thehn there would be nothing left to reach for, except gank on ancient geared people 24/7. You wouldn't need to run any instance, craft anything or even do camps to get even better gear.
  8. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    With my songweaver, full ancient bloodsworn pve gear, I got 11.700 magic attack and just over 10.000 magic accuracy, I can clear floor 7. But floor 8 (Bollvig) resists about 90% of all my attacks, and the ones that do hit him do very little damage. And there are 24 floors? How are you ever supposed to get up to that floor? That means you have to clear every floor in less than a minute as you only have 20 minutes to get up there. Do we need 20k attack and 20k accuracy or what?
  9. All we want is that the game is the same as in Korea: same rates, same shops (both Gold Sand Trader as BCM), same rewards, same prices, same events, same game in fact. Why have all these events in the code and game-files and change them just for us, with crappy rewards and ridiculous prices, and on top of that, impossible to finish because shugos appear in trees where they can't be killed? Why have different rates, why we have different shops, different prices and in the end, a different game? Isn't it easier to keep everything the same? Korea is f2p, just as NA. This is pure discrimination and on top of that, everybody's getting ripped off instead of rewarded. This way, you'll lose players and with that, you'll lose money. Don't mess with our money or you won't get in our pockets ever again. You're selling transformation contracts for $1 each atm and they give a random one. If someone spend $1500 and still doesn't get one legendary out of it, it clearly shows the rates are absolutely ridiculous. With 8 f2p chars on an account buying one in Gold Trader shop every week, that's 8 contracts a week. How long will it take to get 1500 or those? That's right: 187.5 weeks, or little over 3.5 years, and they still won't get 1 legendary contract, not to mention how long it would take to get the Kaisinel contract. If you make that half price with a guarantee you'll get at least 1 legendary contract, people will keep buying contracts and you'll earn ALOT more in the end. Of course you'll get $1500 now but nothing after that. Lower prices and increase rates and you'll eventually get $3000 from the same player because he keeps buying stuff as he sees he gets rewarded for his money. Nobody will keep spending money on stuff they know they will never get. I got lucky and got 1 ancient one after buying about 10 contracts from Gold Sand Trader show as f2p player, but still some oeple don't have that much luck. Screw people and they leave (and you'll go bankrupt), reward them with cheaper prices but guaranteed rewards and you'll get more money. That's the basis for every good business. Spending money and still have to deal with rng is a very awkward way to make money. Some spend $20 and get Kaisinel contract, some pay $1500 and don't even have 1 legendary contract. That's just wrong.
  10. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    I thought 6.x was advertised as being the perfect game for people who live inside the game (the ones who have exchange gear on +15 ultimate already) as well as give the casual player a chance to get up to the same level. It's clear that will NEVER happen with such rates. P2W players get Ultimate for free while casual players will stay at ancient gear forever. I get it that you can't have 100% success rate, but once you reach +10, you should be rewarded and don't drop any lower upon failure. I mean that you can go up +1 or +2 upon success and -1 upon failure below +10. And from +10 onwards, sucess gives +1 or +2 but failure should keep your level. Then it's fine to let us burn 100 ancient stones to reach +15. But getting to +14 after spending 250 ancients on it (I got lucky to get 2 times +2) but after using a legendary from +14 to +15 failed again and I dropped back to +10. All progress lost for nothing. Losing that stone isn't that bad, but it's losing the progress you made, that hurts. You don't even lose the failed stone, but all previous ones as well and a few to come too. Because you spent 250 stones to get to +14, then drop back to +10, that's 250 stones wasted and you'll need at least another 250 stones to get back up to +14 again. 500 stones with a success rate of 28%? You might as well just throw your stones out of your inventory on the ground or sell them for 1 kinah each, then you had at least 500 kinah instead of wasting millions and 500 stones to get nowhere. And when you enchant and see it fail 20 times in a row, that's hardly a rate of 28%. More like 5%. And why do we need to wait for 6.5? They can simply open an xml file or a config file, change the numbers, reboot the server, and hey, guess what? The rates have changed. No need to wait a year for 6.5 to come to finally be able to have a higher value on that server-variable. The rates are not hardcoded in the server exe, unable to be changed, and they also are not hardcoded in the gamefiles AFAIK. I know how it works, I had a L2J server in the past as well and set my own rates to 500% in less than a minute, without a developer to back me up or change any code. They just don't want to change it, in hopes the players will buy stuff to get there a bit faster. Guess what? Nobody will spent a single cent on virtual stuff to see it fail 100%. Players who spend 1500 dollars to get a legendary transform contract still end up without one, do you think they keep spending money on never-to-get items? When players spend money, they expect results. When there are no results, they will leave and never come back. Of course, you have received your money but that player will never spend anything again. Don't be greedy and lower prices and set rates higher. Players will spend less at once, but they will keep spending regularly when they see results every time. If you go to a shop in RL and you spend money on something worthwhile (not crappy stuff you know will not be good like cheap machinery), do you really go home with a crappy item every time and keep going to that same store, when you know you'll get ripped off again and again? I went to the store once and paid 24 euros for something that's only 18 euros elsewhere and that guy even said I got a discount. I NEVER went back to that store, even with new management. So they will never earn a single cent from me again. How do you think people react when they spend $1500 and get nothing? Ripped off. Will they keep spending money? NO. So your business model is currently worth nothing.
  11. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Upgrading genesis set won't work if you can't get your gear up to +15. I'm not wasting my stones on genesis gear atm, and I'm leveling my craft to get full legendary set, both pve and pvp. It isn't as good as a true legendary genesis set, but better have crafted legendary gear than keeping stuck on ancient genesis gear, which just won't go up to +15 to be purified into legendary. So in the end, my crafted set will be better than my genesis set because I'm not spending money on virtual items and can't get that much enchant stones anyways to get all 16 pieces up to +15 and purify them. My crafted set will reach ultimate before I have enough enchant stones to get 1 ancient genesis set to legendary. After leveling my craft to 200p, I got 4 legendary masterwork pieces (jacket, gloves, pauldrons and wings) in 2 days already and still no single genesis piece (pvp weapon) gets to +15 after wasting 250 stones on it so far, highest I got was +14 using ancients which gave 2 times a +2, after which I tried a legendary stone, just to see it fail and drop back to +10. Non-procs aren't good, I know, but I'm trying to get everything to masterwork (proc-version). Non-proc is good to DE and collect manastone fasteners and the stuff you need to purify to legendary, if that will ever happen.
  12. So you spent a total of $1400 to get no legendary transformation contract? You should get one for free for that amount of cash. I spent 0 cents on this game in 8 years and I got an ancient contract (Tehji) for the price of 9.9m kinah on the Gold Sand Trader shop. It's a really good one for a songweaver and I don't care that much for legendary contract yet. I just try to buy contracts for 9.9m kinah on every char every week, eventually I'll have one. As long as there is rng involved, don't spend money on it, you'll lose it all. Same as those daeva skill boxes you can buy for 200 gold ingots in the Gold Sand Trader shop. As long as you can't choose your skill, I'm not buying those boxes. If you already have 6 skills and you desperately want that last one, how big is the chance you'll get that one with rng from that box? I theory, if all skills have same chance, you need 7 of those boxes to get it once. That's theory of course. If you hope you'll get it, you won't. I think they have created this game to read minds and give you what you don't need and keep the things from you that you do need. 200 gold ingots = 260m kinah, while they're trying to make the economy smaller and get rid of kinah as much as possible? Pure rip-off if you ask me.
  13. I remember the event where we all got 1 free bronze or golden key per character per day and we could open boxes in Sanctum. Now that was a very good event, made me millions and millions of kinah. Or the event with the nurses which gave free running scrolls, attack speed scrolls, potions or whatever you wanted. But as they said, they want an economy driven by normal gameplay, not event-driven economy. So I guess those 2 events will never come back because they gave too many rewards for little effort. Or better yet, have no event at all, then they ruin the economy as well because there won't be an economy left once all rich players have spent their billions. And what economy are they talking about? Most items being traded are guiding stones and kibrium, and occasionally a piece of gear for the rich. And btw, those items are also controlled by bots, they farm thousands of those stones every day. Prices for ancient guiding stones have dropped in 2 weeks from 80k to 10k. Then normal players will leave because of crappy events, no rewards, crap enchant rates and no proper gear to win pvp battles against ultimate exchanged geared players (which is a gankfest all over again), and only bots remain, controlling the broker, just as they did in 5.x. But having an event where only the winning side can get rewards, or where only paying players can get rewards? That's just the same as saying: free-to-play players: get lost, we only accept p2w players. The boss is only up for 10 mins a day as said by Hiding-EK, so many of us won't even make it to kill that boss. And only 1 stone as reward for 2 weeks of pvping? Better make it a 100% success stone then because with those rates, it will just go poof and you get nothing for your trouble.
  14. Yeah right. So NC Korea orders NCWest that we should be unable to buy enchant stones on bcm, or even be allowed to broker them like they do? Or that we should have crappier enchant rates than they do? If that's the case and Korea doesn't even care about us, why send us the updates anyway and translate them? They may just let us stay at 4.7 forever. Changing anything like enchant rates is only a matter of adjusting some values in an xml file or a server-config file. And to fix those eyes, isn't there some mysql table that holds the color for both eyes in 2 separate columns, along with all other parameters for every character's body? If so, that's fixed using 1 mysql query which sets both eyes to the same color. If it was a bug in the game's render-engine, EVERY character would have 1 black eye, not just a few. And for the greed, players won't spend money on a game where everything keeps failing like enchanting your gear. Even if enchant stones were on bcm, I guess nobody would jump in the air and scream YES when they spend 1000 dollars on enchant stones, just to see them fail and get an item with only +2 when they started out with a +5 item. Or to have crappy events like the one we're getting now. Mobile games are filled with commercials so they won't lure me to any mobile game for proper gameplay. Most mobile games allow you to play for 5-15 minutes, then you're out of energy so you can't proceed and have to wait for your energy to refill by itself slowly or you rage-quit because every minute you're getting spammed by commercials that don't even have anything to do with the game you're playing.
  15. They should add an npc that can exchange ancient pve/pvp enchant stones with legendary stones and ultimate stones. Then everybody keeps busy with those weeklies and camps to get genesis crystals, which you can use to buy ancient pvp enchant stone bundles. You would need these to exchange your ancient enchant stones with legendaries, after that, you would need legendary stones to exchange them for ultimate stones. A proper rate might be 10 to 1 or so, or maybe 20 to 1, as you can buy alot of bundles using genesis crystals every week. So you need 10 enchant stones to get 1 legendary and you need 10 legendary to get 1 ultimate. This would generate a new source of those stones we are lacking. And they should make it so that you don't lose enchantment level once you get above +10, instead of dropping all the way back to +10 upon failure. It may fail below +10 and drop 1 level, but once you reach +10, the rates are so low that you should not lose another level, not to mention failing to go from +14 to +15 results in a drop back to +10. That's just ridiculous because you don't just lose that stone upon failing, but you need to waste 2-4 other stones to get back to +14 where you started. So you may need 5 stones to get no progress. And with such limited amounts of stones, it will take an eternity for casual players to get their full gear to legendary. If it takes 1 months to get 1 piece to legendary, then it takes 16 months to get a full set of gear to legendary, because you have 16 pieces of gear (one handed weapons require 1 more months because it's another extra piece of gear). How hard will it be for casual players to reach ultimate set? 3 years minimum? By then, Aion 8.0 will be around the corner and your 3 years of intense enchanting will be useless because you will need to sell your gear to an npc for 1 kinah. I'm leveling my craft so I can get at least legendary set in a reasonable amount of time, even if I have to farm several hours every day to get the required mats. It would still be ALOT faster than enchanting genesis gear, and the end result will not be as good of course, but farming to get enchant stones and getting nowhere with your +10 ancient gear that just won't pop to legendary is even worse than using legendary/ultimate crafted gear. And what's with the legion horse that became a temporary mount? Who can gather 400+ legion coins every week on the side to even keep that horse (buy it again and again, week after week)? NCSoft may just remove it from the game because nobody farms that much legion coins on the side every week while they're bored because of lacking enough content to keep them busy every day.
  16. I won't join this event as well. Since I will probably never make a good amount of those gems anyways and the cost of the rewards is too high. And since enchant rates are so terrible, I'm leveling up my craft to get my legendary gear and finally some ultimate gear as well. At least with crafting, I can get my legendary and ultimate gear in a reasonable amount of time, even when that gear isn't the best. A nice 100% loot event would help alot, without giving away free stuff because you still need to farm for it. I have alot of Tea of Repose items but that buff only gives 10% loot buff and I don't see ANY difference in drops. Joining every siege and doing all pvp dungeons for enough enchant stones to get 17 ancient pieces of gear to +15 will take longer than just waiting for Aion 7.0 to come to NA. I've been trying for 3 weeks to get my weapon to +15 but it just won't get there. Managed to get to +14 using ancient stones and finally used a legendary stone, just to see it fail and drop back to +10. With such terrible rates, why won't they make it so it doesn't drop back? Leave the rates as they are but don't let the item drop in enchant level upon failure, just like ultimate stones do. That way, you can at least reach +15 and upgrade your stuff. Having better rates in 6.5 with still the same amount of enchant stones you can get won't help that much since the better rates are for ancient gear only, the other gear just gets a 3% boost. Dropping back from +14 to +10 doesn't just waste that stone, but at least 2 extra ones as well because you need to get at least 2 extra stones to get back up to +14 (if it procs in both cases and gives +2). So you need 3 stones minimum to get back where you started if only 1 fails. That's a terrible strategy to reward players for their effort. I gotta farm those stones at least for the next 2 months to get enough stones to make 1 item to +15. And you have 16 extra pieces to enchant to +15. Not everyone has farmed enough kinah and enchant stone bundles from previous patches to get ultimate pvp gear within a decent time. Since some people ran Infinity Shard 150 times and still didn't get 1 full set of purple gear, this discouraged me to play any further and I left Aion for more than a year. 150 runs at 2 runs per week was 1.5 years, just to get 1 set, which would probably be out of date when you finally got it? Is there a better way to waste time and effort, to get nothing in the end? And with these enchant rates, I see the same happening again. This event doesn't really help as you can only get 1 stone in 2 weeks. You might as well have no event at all since that one stone will probably fail as well with these rates, giving you nothing in the end, or even worse, drop your stuff back to +10 when you finally got it to +14 and hoped that event stone would get you to +15. Some people have read the gamefiles and came to the conclusion that there are better rewards in this event for far less gems. Why even give bundles when there is only 1 stone inside it? You could just give the stone itself instead of a bundle. It also seems there are ancient transformation contracts in that event, why can't we get those on NA? Shards are not that special anyway. If you farm a few hours, you have a stack of 50000 shards ready to use. Mobs drop stacks of 150 shards and they drop alot. I don't get why this is even in the shop. I have farmed over 100000 shards in 1 day, and I'm a casual player, while I was just farming legendary guiding stones to level my craft. And with genesis pve gear, you don't even need to use shards to kill mobs while farming as you do enough damage anyway. My songweaver needs 3-4 hits to kill a mob without shards. Even with shards, it's not that much faster as I still need 2-4 hits per mob.