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  1. I Fully agree with this! NCSoft needs to create a classic version server, i.e. pre 3.0 the version of the game before it with free to play and pay to win. The grind for gear was long and hard but well worth it, because your hard work paid off. I quit the game when it went free to play, came back after a while tried it out and didn't like it at all. I come back after every major expansion to check it out and end up hating it and not playing again. The game was actually really fun and engaging when 50 and 55 were level cap. I miss the good old days of rifting with your friends getting the opposite faction so pissed off it would turn into a massive server battle on either side. I have been longing to play the game again but it has turned into a massive crap shoot. The game has become play to win and that is not fair to anyone except NCSoft/gameforge. I tell you right now if they would bring back a server running 1.5-2.7 I know for a fact that over 90% of my old legion would come back to play. On top of that, I would gladly pay a monthly sub to play, if it was running the way it used to. I am pretty sure a lot of Aion players would go to that server as well.