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  1. Hello to all We have posted before, but here goes another forum post Please join and check out AION's REALM discord @ https://discord.gg/CngQQAZ @Prince Kuli has posted a nice event for all interested in the General tab : Prince KuliToday at 3:30 PM @everyone [GIVEAWAY EVENT] PrinceKuli Stream, Wednesday 7pm PST. - hello everyone, I hope my message finds you well! Tomorrow during my stream I’ll be doing giveaways for those that attend and also for those that have been contributing and answer questions on the stream about the new patch. That’s pretty
  2. I would love this too, and in my own opinion I would love people who are really interested to join again and just talk and create We should think of a time to do so For now, the discord shared above serves as a meetup place, it definitely has to be updated with more channels/specific chat channels which would be a good topic as well. Talking for myself here, but I would love all to participate and lead - but hit me up on ZipZap [Dratto] in discord if you ever would like to chat. https://discord.gg/3HMcfe7 < Aion's Realm discord - for everyone
  3. A personal apology for all additional links that may be there that were put by my own will to share and help people's streams and entertainment based on Aion. For any next time we do this - Please send a message to PrinceKuli or ZipZap for now in Aion or Discord and we will gladly help out with promotions. It was coming from a place of respect and I hope it's not causing any issues. Post can not be deleted or edited at this point for some reason. Thank you for understanding.
  4. Updates will be posted in here. Please follow if interested Good luck all at siege
  5. @Amarah-KT We would love that! And thank you so much for doing so! We would like everyone who enjoys the game and feels the need to share the love to join and support the game. Personally, a lot of people are coming back and I came back 3 months ago, I am a devoted player and enjoy both PvE and PvP content. PrinceKuli, is an amazing templar and an amazing person who will be talking today along with all of us Elyos or Asmo - AION players - come and lets meet up. It is for fun, #ForTheGame This game still lives after this long, let us show NCSOFT that we care, and want great u
  6. Dear Daeva Friends & Foe, We hope our message finds you well during this time of great need. The reason we are reaching out is about fostering the Aion community and further game development. To be more specific, there is a vision for the future on Aion, built on our memories and relationships that mean so much to each one of us. That vision involves everyone, from legions, to game staff, solo, RP, and hardcore players; to unite and defeat Ereshkigal, defeat her faster, better, more strongly than we ever have done before. The 6.5 objective: - save
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