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  1. Soooo about that EC status hmm?

    @Cyan hope that means a lot of etium and ap for those that played nicely can’t wait to have ec back. Will prestige players get more then non prestige as they have been paying for extra runs and not getting them?
  2. just a thought

    yes this make it so we also have pvp based events as well as pve ones
  3. server transfers

    @Screamz-DN as i dont live in the US i did not know that all i did was ask a question
  4. server transfers

    Nah just rather play with friends on kt and get shit done then play with DN scrubs
  5. server transfers

    server transfers take 2 weeks now??? according to the bcm paying for a transfer today will have my toon transferred on the 4th of December since when does it take 2 weeks for a transfer to happen @Cyan can someone look into this please
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    server transfers sweet ..... log in after maint to que toon for transfer..... Service unavailable.......
  7. just a thought

    so i have been thinking what if we had events for pvp and pve as different events so say someone thats only wanting pve can get pve items only and people that want the pvp rewards from events have to do pvp instances for them (if we do get any pvp items from events that is )
  8. Legion tasks not completing

    yea still cant complete the legion tasks to level legion to 8 sadly some people in legion don't have the gear for SL NM to see if quest updates in NM
  9. Legion tasks not completing

    has anyone else had a problem getting the SL legion task to complete? by the quest it can be completed in SL EM and NM but even though myself and legion members have killed the boss and lived no one got an update i have contacted support and basically got told we didn't do enough damage to the boss sooo how can we do more damage to the boss if we kill the boss ? are we meant to solo the boss for the damage needed 2 count as a complete for the quest? @Cyan please look into this as it has stopped the legion i am in from levelling to 8 for almost 2 weeks now
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    LOL was thinking the same thing but they should make it 20 ice gem chests and luna for anyone who used luna to reset the instance
  11. questing bug

    so i have run all the campaign quests and blue quests in beluslan on an alt it is now level 43 but the gelk quest line has not opened up