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  1. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    So since the definition of "banned" is used vague back to EC. (banning for EC..it was a suspension) Is it a suspension as in restricted access or a banned account aka closed account? This mob event just gives you more reason to afk. Nothing will change when l can run fm in 5 minutes and get a box on alts.
  2. Joker Daily Cards

    So you took down my post then why? I solved it saying it was 6 total on bcm compared to the mistake in the "news" section. You guys already have a bad rep, why are you trying to hide it now? Censorship is cool though
  3. Joker Daily Cards

    So big problem here and it's all wording. It's like NC is trying to ban people on purpose. On one hand you say 3 as limit as account and then you have this. https://imgur.com/a/hthF1Rh

    Notice how it's under "Sales". It is not an event. Events are something everyone can participate in. Just don't call it an event and lie to us at least.
  5. 7.2 feedback thread

    Why did you make one if you had no desire to implement any changes? It is now March 6 and not on QOL change has occurred in game. So why did you make the thread if you have no intent to listen?
  6. [Aion 2.19.20 Update] Skill Changes

    Sorc is at the very bottom followed by AT then ranger. Every other class is stronger in a way then those classes. So yes, l would say AT is bottom tier.
  7. [Aion 2.19.20 Update] Skill Changes

    AT ignored again from still being bottom tier class for years if more then 9 months. They need to stop balancing it from a DP skill and thinking that is ok. Glads are the last that should receive buffs.
  8. Is Aion Dead?

    Depends how you look at it. It's really small and getting smaller since there are no rewards worth while to pve and pvp for. As a new player its never been easier to get gear or catch up gear but it should worry you. They nerfed a lot in the recent patch to make gearing up faster and halting progression to a stand still. Many players from my legion are not even logging in because the game is not rewarding to them. Exp and drops from pve nerfed = no reason to run it Pvp instances give you nothing when you are max geared and ques are sometimes 10 minutes or more. It's now NCs turn to do something
  9. Whatever you did about the enchant rate, revert it back. I can't even make a alt and try to gear it which might make me consider buying prestige. How are you expecting to attract new players or even keep your existing when this shit is in place. No gear progression will make people quit or play other more "rewarding" games. My big complaints are the Experience nerf and the enchanting nerf. This just puts the nail in the coffin for me if it isn't reverted soon.
  10. You are so funny. If you are capped and l slow you by 30% then you might still be at cap with all that run speed. Of course you would defend this. That is how it used to work in this game and probably still does from 2.0 Caps are needed for fair play. You got lucky and that's all there is to it.
  11. Just revert the transform changes except for ultimate xforms and cap them at 70% speed. This would by far be the best way. Having them run around at 100% speed will push people to pay or quit this game. The only people cheering this are ones that paid or that got lucky.
  12. This is a well deserved nerf and there are more to come. Now you actually have to use brains to play the game. You will get some increases but no more laser buffs. All updates are like this so l'd suggest you adapt or just reroll. This is NC way or getting players to spend money and it seemed to work.
  13. who's idea it was to only reset divine and demaha and NOT lakrum. This gives a guaranteed 2 stones for farming the other faction after divine and dema are taken. They all need to go vulnerable and not just two.
  14. Plate

    Geared templars and glads blow AT away in terms of sustain if you have to compare them. Glads are especially a problem and need heals reduced to 15% from the 50%. This whole idea when you are losing to go finding a mob to fix your errors in pvp with one click is broken. Templars could use some toning down but glads are guilty and need a lot of damage reduction taken away with the heals nerfed. Heals need to be addressed here. Some classes can get hp back instantly like sin/sorc for example but others require a 2 second cast or a 2 chain skill and the hp isn't on par with other classes. Fix this shit.