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  1. How is siel overcrowded when it doesn't even reach the server cap? It's at 34% of player pop today. Zones do have people but the only camped areas are where bots are. Siel cap was 3200 within 24 hours. If you are having DC problems then it's your internet plain and simple. You can have the best pc but if your internet times out, you will dc every time. I know many people that live outside the US dcing at every push and don't attend siege anymore.
  2. How am l nuts when you dc and complain about it not wanting a server merge? 500 people per faction on a MMO in this day and age is DEAD.
  3. You only say it's fine because you are elyos. You even admitted you have no idea how bad it is for the asmos. Just because your pc is so old and can't keep up with this basic game and dc doesn't mean others have to suffer on a dead server.
  4. I accept that classic is p2w and so is retail but l enjoy the parts l can before deciding if it's worth my time to continue. In retail, l played for free yet l got ulti xform and all weapons/dazz gems with no money spent at all but it costed a TON of time to do so. With classic, you can just buy candy and get loot rights right through the game and buy the broker bare which drives up prices. What part of that is not p2w? You need kinah for EVERYTHING. You guys can defend classic for what it is but most people generally just want to pay $15 a month and be on an even playing field like
  5. You can't compare games that care for their player base with NC. Wow can nickle and dime people but people are to invested and they listen and change things according to players. Look at FFXIV..they rebuilt a broken game when they could of scrapped it and that along tells you they want their product to succeed. Aion on the other hand just copies and pastes what Korea gets.
  6. It's really bullshit to launch creation when most people are at work and then you separate players from one another. I was waiting to buy one of the packs but since im locked out now.. l won't even bother looking at classic. Grats
  7. You have to call idiots out before they get better and learn to help themselves
  8. Nice edit and you are now back pedaling. Just admit you are wrong and have a problem. We all can see by your posts that it's no secret. The teasers promote and show what are COMING.
  9. So the same teasers they used on twitter and on the aion classic tab which are the same are just a lie? That's very interesting. Please tell us more how those aren't related
  10. They confirmed classic, didn't they? Those same teaser are in the INTRO to "Aion Classic" tab. Go get your eyes checked
  11. Yea.. that push is from dropping sub money dwindling into f2p greed. I just looked into your post history and you are the same person that couldn't see that those teasers were classic coming. No wonder your posts are low tier garbage. Company's will do anything to make money even if it's to lay or fire employees to keep more money to themselves. If you want to white knight NC.. are least write that shit at the bottom of each post.
  12. I don't even care for classic but i'm happy some people will and most of my friends will enjoy few months they can get out of the game. Your posts are just dog shit. Please do us a favor and stop posting. i'm sure most on live didn't want p2w but as soon as games become small and go f2p then greed is what comes out of it. The developers control all the power to make a good game and steer it in a good direction and you know now where that went.
  13. Every game has bots and this game was infested with it at launch and that's not going to change. The game was even p2p and it had tons. It won't matter about siels energy because the casual player will see that and the price of a poorly managed game and play something else.
  14. So it looks like they addressed things like faction skills and BoQ. Did they address the issue of world bosses favoring elyos or are we headed for another imbalanced launch when aion came here? We all know they failed hard to lock off the faction that had more people rolling on it. They NEED to do a better job this time around even if it means keeping elyos side locked.
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