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  1. Here's a solution Pvp on your own server and not cross server.
  2. The reason why people want a classic server is because there is no p2w. The third model goes against the current game models in NA. People won't fall for the double dipping and just find other games to play. This is why Korean games die in NA. You may be ok with it but the others that thought classic was sub only with no paying features wouldn't give it a chance now.
  3. Not to defend anyone but l don't think many players care unless it has to do with animations. I know l don't even use shugo console and some people swear by it and that's technically against TOS since it does alter the game camera and more.
  4. I believe you got the wrong message l was trying to portray. If NC can't put skins on BCM for retail in the shop, what hope do l have that they can add scrolls and skins to classic? NC could be "trying" to do that to retail and then do it again in a classic shop but in this case, they do nothing. You are putting to much faith in a company that can't even do that. As much as classic could be great, it's left in the hands of NCwest which haven't shown much promise. That's why l honestly believe many people might just pass on the game or try it out for first month and not come back. It'
  5. Let me stop you there at monetization. Players have been begging NC devs to add more skins to the existing store for years and now you think they will change? When was the last time out of rotation that a skin request or new addition was added? If they did that already then more players would spend more. I know several players that have quit because the game refuses to add more. We all know our version isn't going to be 100% free like KR except sub fee. They are going to push something. Regarding your 4.x. The game made money from EB scrolls and felc socketing.
  6. At least a few people in this thread aren't dreaming and can see reality. Classic going sub is good but it needs players to make sub profitable. There is no point going sub if there is no player base left. Remember when they scrapped monthly sub in 3.0 tia days? We may of had more then 20k players at that time and STILL went f2p. Everyone likes to shit on retail but they can push and get money from there more then a sub classic version. Sure, they can have best of both worlds but classic won't be close to retail spending if you are only getting $15 a month per person and no other spe
  7. It's not hard to not see your stream with the little views aion gets as a whole. It's funny how you claim my life is boring when you stream a dead game with stream numbers that reflects exactly what you bring to it, nothing. It is rather funny seeing you get mad and all. I don't prefer retail or classic aion as l am indifferent and don't care. Do you think NC cares about players opinions? Look at what the game has become. If they cared, the game would be miles different to what it is now. Edit: and to players thinking 80k is good for a mmo...that's dead game numbers guys.
  8. Wow..imagine thinking a few months is 6 months. You might as well say that for a year as well. Why not just classify a year as few to. I think you need to seek your own advice and go for medical help. Watching you stream classic and seeing how brain dead bordum really shows what you prefer in aion. Good jokes all around
  9. Few months? Wow..that's a good joke. Patches are every 6 months which would line us up with Elyon online. I guess if you want to fall for the same trick twice, go for it.
  10. Yes and it would just be a bad idea. If they create a classic server then it's all over for the west. Some can argue that it already is but if classic fails here just as much as retail, just close it down.
  11. As much as l am opposed to the p2w on the current servers, l don't think a sub only classic server would be a good decision. If they can sell a $600 + ult guaranteed xform for ONE person then they would need 40 subs on the classic server to make up for it. Just think what you are asking from NC. Firstly, there would be no p2w which would be the attraction to the server but you won't make anymore money then just the sub fee. Retail has more money to be made. As a business stand point it's a terrible idea but it would be great for the players. Which side is NC on though?
  12. We all know it's money related. Gw2 moved to these servers and they said operational costs were cut by 50% in an article. So instead of you guys meeting in the middle and using a central server, you entirely nyerk the west coast and choose money over player quality. Nice one.
  13. Literally 67 or 80 ping to about 100-110. Not sure l want to keep supporting a company that wants to nyerk the west coast with everything they do. Sieges are now screwed and my overall game play is worse.
  14. AT has a passive 5-7 meters or whatever it is. Adding in any extendable negates that affect for a passive provided to the class aka a nerf. The only benefit you mentioned is the bonus of pvp attack. If a sorc casts at 25m and you have a extendable, even if it's a +5 range then you can counter at 20m making it a nerf to his range. How do you not see it that way? If that was the true intention then why not make the sorc skill 20m???? Is this the typical aion player? Please tell me im wrong here. Also to the other person, l am neither of those people.
  15. I played templar to 4.0 and know how easy mode the class gets with extendables, you don't have to tell me. Don't try to down play my comment and further make your arguement look better, this is not KR. That comment for extendables being for bad players has been out for years and you still get triggered. First of all you failed to prove my point wrong about the indirect nerf to AT. All they would have to do in +7 meters onto our attacks and it would be fine. We all know you'll be paying with $$ for your next extendable and even betters said his cost 2k
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