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  1. Missing Daily Prestige Boxes

    Better be compensation for this. I bought the pass just for the coins and l logged in and nothing is there. Fix it or refund me.
  2. Transformation Update

    Nc doesn't advertise so lets just stop there. We have had more servers at launch that were in better in quality and it's only got worse when they are raking in more money. Free players leaving this game would cause a huge blow and soon or later it will cause p2w people to stop spending. I run around on DN and not many have prestige. I can argue that NC doesn't give a shit about prestige cause we/they are not included in this xform post. We are not directing paying for legendary xforms so we can't get them faster then f2p. You can call fortnite shitty but that game makes more money in a day then this game makes in year(s) cause they do something right. There are lots of mmo's and games coming out for you to defend this game. Gw2 does a good job at keeping players busy and they have content for hours with skins.
  3. Transformation Update

    Sure l can grind real life for money but l cannot say the same for common sense. There is a difference between paying to compete is an alive game and in a dead game. I spent maybe 20$ in the last 2 years since NCsoft doesn't care to advertise or bring new players into the game. No one plays this game due to the p2w and it shows. You can stand here and talk about your p2w shit but you need the free players to "step on" to make this game feel alive or it would be the same circle jerk over and over in kata. l've been on games where it's been the same 20 people vsing the same in pvp instance and it's depressing. You pick.
  4. Outrageous

    I forgot final fantasy existed for a minute when l wrote this but you get the post. l'm pretty sure that FF probably is higher. I don't play either so l don't really care.
  5. Outrageous

    Let's talk about values sake here cause some of you lack logic. Wow has the biggest player base and charges $15 per month and you can argue store mounts that does not give advantage. You can argue that time > money but it does not change this game. RNG will always get you and money. Now you have a player base with 3-5k at most trying to sell a xform which is a necessity for $500 when as before it was RNG. The whole game is made in a way to promote money grabs with rng. Where do you guys see this as a good investment?
  6. Transformation Update

    I do wonder as well. Prestige members don't even get incorporated in this as well. Even though you are supporting the company with money, it's not part of the picture. Bet the jokes on us and this benefit only applies to people outside f2p and prestige members. It's already an uphill battle in game but now it's gonna get worse.
  7. RNG Lootbox Days Numbered Possibly?

    Well.. the p2w people might as well all file the class action lawsuits and watch NC pick a decision on how they want to handle it. They purposely do not list the odds.
  8. Game balance

    Truth is there are a lot of good games and mmo's coming out Q4 and next year which are gonna be more rewarding to play with less time investment. The fact that these xforms separate players is a joke. Not only would a f2p have to accept the problem with stigmas but they might as well do the same with a ultimate xform. Enjoy the game while you can l guess. NC will probably make a long term goal to get these xforms if we are lucky and by then it's way to late. Anyone who thinks that 1-2% should have access to ultimate needs their brain checked. We all like to be rewarded for effort we put in. Why can't you just move to a achievement based system that rewards effort and not swiping your credit card and luck? Is that so hard?
  9. Pin bug

    So l've got it 7 times in a row and just gave up logging in. You guys going to fix this or should l just save myself and play something else?
  10. Prestige

    First of all it doesn't take prestige to get to past 3rd boss. Cubics make bosses faster and are mandatory for frigida. It doesn't matter if prestige can do it faster so that's completely void argument but it's about everyone having a chance. It is no locked behind a paywall. Not only is transformations behind a paywall but now so is pve.
  11. Prestige

    So now they you have changed and updated prestige, you've added the socketing resets and cubics that are selectable to the machine. Are you now locking people out of content that don't have prestige? You can't beat frigida without those cubics.
  12. 7.5 Part 2 Update Coming on 8/19/2020

    So are rebirth fasteners going to be gated behind prestige without introducing them into the game for ALL players?
  13. If we are gonna let CC's be affected by cast speed then charges should be the exact same. I would argue that templar and glad have better single target heals then AT and it's absurd that sins can ambush and get back full hp. 2 chain hp leech? Come on now.
  14. So 2 new xforms are coming soon and you guys are putting a band aid on a game breaking transformation(s) instead of just letting people acquire them. Wow..that's very kind of you.
  15. Wow. Sounds like some sorc's here can't outplay people or just want to face tank players. Sorc is very strong once they get you on the ropes and can 100-0 or at least get you down to 25% in a burst. In comparison it's a very unfair fight to start with comparing my gear to any of those listed in the thread though. I know im lucky to kill those p2w sorcs down to 50% as an AT with +9-12 stigma with legendary xform vs their +15 and ult xform and xform collection. 2.5 was way better in terms of balance. At least you knew who was your counter class and could nyerk about it. Now you have to deal with p2w or the fact that we have glads and gunners and sm's running around being top.