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  1. Plate

    Geared templars and glads blow AT away in terms of sustain if you have to compare them. Glads are especially a problem and need heals reduced to 15% from the 50%. This whole idea when you are losing to go finding a mob to fix your errors in pvp with one click is broken. Templars could use some toning down but glads are guilty and need a lot of damage reduction taken away with the heals nerfed. Heals need to be addressed here. Some classes can get hp back instantly like sin/sorc for example but others require a 2 second cast or a 2 chain skill and the hp isn't on par with other classes. Fix this shit.
  2. Watch them blame players for this yet again.
  3. Thanks for the instance reset event.

    Do l run my instances? I don't even remember what l ran. I just wonder if this is gonna be held against us for potential ban or even perma ban.
  4. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    You do note l'm not avoiding the suspension, right? It's NC job to notify people in game and forums that a bug is present and ANY exploitation should be stopped. None of that happened here. NC later pointed fingers at players when they did nothing. You are delusional for sticking up for them when they can't even do this as a company. Second to that. If the amount of players gets so low that l can't find pvp, l'd rather be banned myself. This only drove away potential revenue the game was going to get and make your audience try more games. Good job for protecting NC buddy.
  5. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    Unbeatable-KT has the best post in this whole thread. The company should of acknowledge the exploit publicly in game and forums to tell people to stop. The first stand has to be from the company to know that they will enforce rules. They only mention 1 week later that they are addressing the issue even through support tickets and then another week passed for EC to be reset and it continued on. By letting EC stay up, you are encouraging and saying that the behavior is absolutely fine. When time comes 3 months later after a few p2w events, you point fingers at players and ban them for YOUR errorsto be lazy about it. Are any of you surprised the point system has taken a drop? Why would you spend money when NC can't even take fault for their slow actions and acknowledgement of a bug Class act.
  6. Demaha Siege

    The update we got was until jan 16th and the update to fix kisks was jan 30th or so. Why not just be smart and speed the content patch up to the 30th to fix the bug instead of asking for a dev fix? Seems very simple to me unless you don't have it translated yet. Or is this to hard?
  7. Thanks GM Odin ...

    Watch them just shut off dema sieges now because they have no fix once again. We have went weeks without EC now and still no update. They may of just turned it off to try and slow down the mat gain even though they already have a fix. The reason for bug abuse is probably because NC just money grabs and does nothing to fix anything so people just take what they want. Why would you continue to support a company that takes and does little to even read your concerns and keep you updated.
  8. @Cyan

    Note entirely since you can use stella and get lots of mats from dredge regardless. You are still time gated by fight spirits in the long run. Any normal player will end up having enough mats by the time fight spirits catch up. The best would be to disable kick and just call it. @Aly-DN If NC does strip gear from people then why would they consider to keep playing this game? You are now taking away progression even though it is not earned but shows signs that this company can't even do small things like emergency maintenance. Just look at 7.0! We had a roll back on a launch day
  9. @Cyan

    Exactly. NC is in a tough spot right now considering the already low population it's under. If 90% of those players get banned then this game dies. You think it's harder to find pvp now? Just wait. Receiving a ban right now would just push those players to other games and therefore kill your already dying game. You lose both ways here.
  10. Evergale Canyon

    Usually games find out bugs in a manner of minutes to an hour and post about them telling you NOT to exploit it or face punishment. Neither so far has been posted by NC and the community has posted topics and which have been ignored. It would be in poor taste to start banning people without acknowledging a game bug first. When 90% of your player base is abusing a bug, it's time to fix it straight away. If you ban the players then who is going to play this game?
  11. Aethertech Nerf - Not announced?

    Can you not comprehend what back and fourth means?
  12. Aethertech Nerf - Not announced?

    Noob? l've played AT since it came out and been back and fourth on this game. The buff is only seen if you have access to all your stigmas so any new player will not. The shield being on a less CD is a buff IF you have the space to socket it. 4.0 AT's were much stronger then what we have now.
  13. Aethertech Nerf - Not announced?

    AT got nerfed a lot and to say it's small is a understatement. AT was a little strong when maxed geared but to hammer it this hard and buff it later with a heal CD reduction is just to much. I wouldn't be surprised to see templars beating all AT now with these changes and they are the tanks.
  14. Dear NcSoon.

    Today was suppose to be a launch of 7.0 but all we got is a offline server. That must be great for returning players to come back to. Give everyone 200mill kinah including alts and im sure it will be fine.
  15. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    So you guys showed the game on a live stream and you didn't even test to see if it works? The machine was for prestige members and you don't even check to see if that works. Are we beta testing your game for you? You don't even provide details in your patch notes either. At this point just copy aion power book and call them your patch notes. How many delays are you at now?
  16. Cyan

    Want to hear the biggest joke? People still pay money to play this game. This has been happening for years and you actually think NC is going to change? Ever since 3.0 it's been terrible and now we get 1 post a week and no patch notes at all. It's cool that people like to cling to certain games but if this is your main game, go play something else. NC is literally telling you to nyerk off with these events.
  17. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    It speaks volumes that all posts were removed and not one was left. All this event means is that my play time and a few others of my friends is max 40 minutes and all of it is afking for luna. Thank you for making me play Aion less and focus on better games. That is your feedback.
  18. Bring back loot buff

    They won't do it or put them as a reasonable price in the kinah store. NC loves to put spirit fragments behind a pay wall and time gate them so you give them more money. Look at how the new events don't even have them as rewards so you are forced to pay or plain quit. No progression means no point in playing.
  19. recommendations for new game to play ?

    No one is going to care enough to save this game since NC sits back and does nothing and has a track record of it. I just have to look at my support tickets with their generic copy and paste answers telling me something that l know and doesn't fix a damn thing. Go play another game
  20. You think they would attempt to make Aion good but it looks like greed is showing heavily in this patch. Enchanting books to 10-15 provide CD duration and bonuses such as extra damage ++ Can also enchant transforms now as well. When you think it can't get any worse they surprise you.
  21. It doesn't stop them from releasing non or little money generating events at the end of the life span to generate nothing and say "Oh but you can get up to 2 months back" I log in and see a lot of p2w which will keep the servers up at this rate for a while now.
  22. Understand the Situation

    They make it so easy and you can't deny that. This community gives them great ideas to make the game more healthy and attempt to gain more players yet it falls on deaf ears every time. The loud person in the room is always the one heard.
  23. Easy compensation for current issues

    200% buff rate and ap for these past 2 weeks? I would like a drop rate that gives 6 purples per instance and maybe 5 fluxes per one mob instead of just 1. They have officially stripped this game down that is giving you no rewards for playing this game even though it's unintended and are taking way to long to fix it. NC isn't going to go through all the logs to give you guys AP/GP. They even said in support to not even bother running instances at the current time. They are now backpedaling to stop resetting of instances now that people are mad even though they knew about it before the patch. Just compensate us with the past 2 weeks of WINS on every instance + 25% more ap/gp and all siege rewards +50% more enchantments. l'm more interested to see what they do about the people that have taken breaks and or just stopped playing Aion now. It really tells you something when this bug hasn't gotten fixed for 2 weeks.
  24. Bots

    Can we bring them back now? It's cool that you guys got new technology that can finally detect and ban bots. The current prices for crafting stones are completely bullshit and now makes crafting not even worth it. You do not have the player population to make crafting viable if you continue. Either add them into the kinah shop at 12k-18k or give a bulk deal for ingots and make them untradable. Go ahead and flame me all you want but your game is dying and we need player progression or no one will stick around.
  25. State of The Game

    Won't lie that it feels great to have so much more free time. I have logged in for a max of 1 hour these past few days and just gotten off. Aside from running FM/BOS and a few others, l find no reason to even be logged in. Why would anyone spend money on this game in the current condition?