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  1. If we are gonna let CC's be affected by cast speed then charges should be the exact same. I would argue that templar and glad have better single target heals then AT and it's absurd that sins can ambush and get back full hp. 2 chain hp leech? Come on now.
  2. So 2 new xforms are coming soon and you guys are putting a band aid on a game breaking transformation(s) instead of just letting people acquire them. Wow..that's very kind of you.
  3. Wow. Sounds like some sorc's here can't outplay people or just want to face tank players. Sorc is very strong once they get you on the ropes and can 100-0 or at least get you down to 25% in a burst. In comparison it's a very unfair fight to start with comparing my gear to any of those listed in the thread though. I know im lucky to kill those p2w sorcs down to 50% as an AT with +9-12 stigma with legendary xform vs their +15 and ult xform and xform collection. 2.5 was way better in terms of balance. At least you knew who was your counter class and could nyerk about it. Now you have to deal with p2w or the fact that we have glads and gunners and sm's running around being top.
  4. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    So funny that people think they are entitled to compensation. If you read the Korean patches, you would see that when 7.5 hit the stigmas 20% went to 30%. NA held it back on purpose to milk the p2w people to let them get an advantage, which you got. They knew all along it would create imbalance but they were ok with it as long as the money flowed and it did. Now in order to stop players from being frustrated and continue to play their dying game..they have to change to make them stay. Who would of thought?
  5. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    There are so many barriers coming into this game that no one would recommend this game to their friends. Glad you are finally seeing that your game is dying and you are attempting to do something about it. Hackers are free to do as they please in this game. I have never seen a game run so careless that you allow hackers to do what they want. RNG is one of the biggest concerns you need to look over to. Putting time and effort into something and having it go back in progression is not good for players and it will make them question why they still play this game. Stigmas: Why is this 20% enchanting a thing? Why is there no mercy system when it comes to enchanting? Runestones: Spending weeks upon weeks to try and get the slot l need to only DE it every single week. Why are the reroll items not in game yet? ultimate xforms: Big problem here. Some classes are balanced by xforms and you throw balance out the window by selling these. In short, if you don't address all those soon then you will be left without players as soon as the next mmo hits. I already know 30 players leaving for alpha tested mmo's then to stick around here. Do you blame them? I don't one bit. Events: Let's face it that this game is not fun and dead without events. So... Exp: Give us a perma 200% exp buff across all zones and keep it there if you intend to do nothing. Keep the shugo that gives one exp mark for 30 kills. Keep the tree event or reward apples per week for progression Stigma: Boost rates to 35-40% PERMA Runestones: Add the reroll in game for renown or in store for a cheap price. Players want to have fun when logging into this game and not treat it like a job how farming exp is right now. Some of us want good pvp and treating players like fodder is just gonna cause all your f2p players to leave. If that is what you want, go for it.
  6. Stigma Save spot +12

    Well simple. The more safe spots help the casual and f2p players. They can still try since the safe spot is +12 but after this event, it will be at +9 and then it's not worth it to try once you have it as +12. Do l have to break this whole thread up for you?
  7. Stigma Save spot +12

    And what's wrong with that? Just because others can or want to run 10-20 accounts doesn't mean others want to. That's what is going to happen to this player base and then it will be p2w players vs p2w. Clearly he see's it's more worth while to play another game.
  8. Stigma Save spot +12

    Imagine telling people that you need 20 plus accounts just to play the game and keep up to the norm when they can play another game without that issue with a healthier player base. Your population is bleeding and you are over here saying "That's on you" Can't wait to see the game in 6 months from now.
  9. Stigma Save spot +12

    So with the terrible bad rates and safe spot gone, the only safe spot we have is +9? Great. Better off finding another game to play since they do not want f2p players catching up.
  10. Game Lag

    Any update on this lag? It got worse today spiking from 120 to 600 constantly with freeze frames.
  11. The lag is getting worse

    Exactly what Cyfur said. If l need to pay 10$ a month to use a server to by pass the horrible server lag then l'm technically paying to play your game and getting no benefits from it when l can play another game for FREE (as you advertise).
  12. The lag is getting worse

    In NA but even l averaged around 75 to 118 ping and now it spikes all the time going up to 300-400 ping on main server. It has got worse since last maintenance. Instance server, it was semi ok in dema before maintenance but now its 2-3 second freezes before the siege every 5 seconds after this maintenance. I also talked to some BR's yesterday before the maintenance and they said that instance servers were fine for them but instances and being in gelk are a nightmare. I hope you guys fix this soon cause im gonna run out of patience and play something else along with other friends that cannot play this game now.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 3, 2020

    4-5 of us have run into the problem being the main servers (DN). l've got up to 400 ping on main servers when it's always been a stable 70-110 but l do not lag when l go into lakrum and slightly in crimson/dema. I wish l could enjoy this patch but they might not come back after waiting another week and some were prestige users and no compensation given.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 3, 2020

    Does this address the lag issues? More friends are leaving the game because of this now.
  15. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Could you give gelk and ing divine soul healers? Resurrecting is really painful. These helped lots of players get back into pvp and pve way faster. l'll just hope the soul healers we got are bugs.
  16. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    There is a lot to be desired for balance changes but let's just skip to the rest. The lag and chaotic vale is a big pass. The renown system is really grindy and boring especially if there is a decay system and pvp barely even touches it. You get more rewards doing 1 quest then bothering with pvp in that zone. It's cool that it promotes activity but it's not very exciting. New accessories do create some confusion and could use more explanation. You are also promoting running pve to get the best accessories in the game even when the player perhaps plays for pvp. Alternating kata/lak is good in my opinion for having a active map rather then having 3 zones open. Paragon gear? Pass It's cool that gelk is back but that's really about it. Seems like NC just wants to focus on pve now.
  17. Katalam bugged again

    DN server is really laggy and has been like this for days now but nothing happens. You guys are so fast to reset KT but ignore the DN problems. You might need to upgrade servers or something. l've had friends hot bars all reset when they get DC from this game and have to assemble it when that happens. What is going on?
  18. 7.5 new pve items better in pvp than dark talon?

    This is comedy coming from someone saying transforms are fair and balanced. Yes, Aion moved from pvp to get pvp rewards to now pve rewarding pvp. Just take a look at 7.7 where you have to farm in a small area to get a chance to get gear for YOUR class. What makes no sense is they went to a odin system in 7.5 to 7.7 with no odins in that new gear. They are trying to give you customization in gear but for balance purposes, it's going to be a nightmare. All that info is solid and they do even add extreme gear (the new odin pvp gear that went from infinity to +15 due to outrage) drops from world bosses and a chance to drop in pve instances. Take it how you want. They don't care about pvp anymore but rather you reset instances and pay them money.
  19. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    So since the definition of "banned" is used vague back to EC. (banning for EC..it was a suspension) Is it a suspension as in restricted access or a banned account aka closed account? This mob event just gives you more reason to afk. Nothing will change when l can run fm in 5 minutes and get a box on alts.
  20. Joker Daily Cards

    So you took down my post then why? I solved it saying it was 6 total on bcm compared to the mistake in the "news" section. You guys already have a bad rep, why are you trying to hide it now? Censorship is cool though
  21. Joker Daily Cards

    So big problem here and it's all wording. It's like NC is trying to ban people on purpose. On one hand you say 3 as limit as account and then you have this. https://imgur.com/a/hthF1Rh

    Notice how it's under "Sales". It is not an event. Events are something everyone can participate in. Just don't call it an event and lie to us at least.
  23. 7.2 feedback thread

    Why did you make one if you had no desire to implement any changes? It is now March 6 and not on QOL change has occurred in game. So why did you make the thread if you have no intent to listen?
  24. [Aion 2.19.20 Update] Skill Changes

    Sorc is at the very bottom followed by AT then ranger. Every other class is stronger in a way then those classes. So yes, l would say AT is bottom tier.