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  1. Well, constructive criticism (Thank Say)

    It speaks volumes that all posts were removed and not one was left. All this event means is that my play time and a few others of my friends is max 40 minutes and all of it is afking for luna. Thank you for making me play Aion less and focus on better games. That is your feedback.
  2. Bring back loot buff

    They won't do it or put them as a reasonable price in the kinah store. NC loves to put spirit fragments behind a pay wall and time gate them so you give them more money. Look at how the new events don't even have them as rewards so you are forced to pay or plain quit. No progression means no point in playing.
  3. recommendations for new game to play ?

    No one is going to care enough to save this game since NC sits back and does nothing and has a track record of it. I just have to look at my support tickets with their generic copy and paste answers telling me something that l know and doesn't fix a damn thing. Go play another game
  4. You think they would attempt to make Aion good but it looks like greed is showing heavily in this patch. Enchanting books to 10-15 provide CD duration and bonuses such as extra damage ++ Can also enchant transforms now as well. When you think it can't get any worse they surprise you.
  5. It doesn't stop them from releasing non or little money generating events at the end of the life span to generate nothing and say "Oh but you can get up to 2 months back" I log in and see a lot of p2w which will keep the servers up at this rate for a while now.
  6. Understand the Situation

    They make it so easy and you can't deny that. This community gives them great ideas to make the game more healthy and attempt to gain more players yet it falls on deaf ears every time. The loud person in the room is always the one heard.
  7. Easy compensation for current issues

    200% buff rate and ap for these past 2 weeks? I would like a drop rate that gives 6 purples per instance and maybe 5 fluxes per one mob instead of just 1. They have officially stripped this game down that is giving you no rewards for playing this game even though it's unintended and are taking way to long to fix it. NC isn't going to go through all the logs to give you guys AP/GP. They even said in support to not even bother running instances at the current time. They are now backpedaling to stop resetting of instances now that people are mad even though they knew about it before the patch. Just compensate us with the past 2 weeks of WINS on every instance + 25% more ap/gp and all siege rewards +50% more enchantments. l'm more interested to see what they do about the people that have taken breaks and or just stopped playing Aion now. It really tells you something when this bug hasn't gotten fixed for 2 weeks.
  8. Bots

    Can we bring them back now? It's cool that you guys got new technology that can finally detect and ban bots. The current prices for crafting stones are completely bullshit and now makes crafting not even worth it. You do not have the player population to make crafting viable if you continue. Either add them into the kinah shop at 12k-18k or give a bulk deal for ingots and make them untradable. Go ahead and flame me all you want but your game is dying and we need player progression or no one will stick around.
  9. State of The Game

    Won't lie that it feels great to have so much more free time. I have logged in for a max of 1 hour these past few days and just gotten off. Aside from running FM/BOS and a few others, l find no reason to even be logged in. Why would anyone spend money on this game in the current condition?
  10. When are we getting compensation for sieges and the stones we are missing?
  11. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    I got told to not even bother running instances or even reporting anymore since the issue is being "figured out". They should just compensate people with every instances rewarded as won and of the highest amount. This way there will be no crying about winning or losing and what potentially could be owed. If you can get 10 purple stones a week that were missed..NC should give 15. At this point, the support is saying "If" we are deemed compensation which is a utter joke. I wonder if we will hear something for maintenance or if this will continue for another week is my big concern.
  12. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    Don't worry guys. I sent in ticket for every instance or ap and gp lost and they told me to stop making more and have no idea how to fix it currently. They don't give a nyerk about rewarding people. Some of us still have 4-5 HM runs to do for ap netting 900k-5mill ap and they don't see that as a big deal. Is there even a point to play this game without rewards? LULW
  13. I used 42 legendary stones on my +3 legendary gear trying to reach each piece to +10 and only got 11 levels across all gear out of all 42 stones. The system is broken but NC won't do a damn thing.
  14. Please.. Remove Reset from ID/IB

    You talk about funnier games and this is what you get lol. It's funny that NC always try to test the water knowing it's going to backfire like every other region then claim to talk to the "Devs" about options. We know you need money but you'd shown you simply do not care at all to please the remaining player base but rather take their money instead. Why can't you just add simple items to the gold traders. Game progression and appearances are why some are playing this game and you are simply saying "pay for it" when we can just play another game. It's almost like you prefer for us to quit and make it damn easy. Stop using events as bandaids and just fix the game by adding quality of life options like people have with scrolls and broker fees. Add Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Guilding stones to gold traders or kinah tab to lower cost of crafting so people get a sense of game progression instead of a dying economy. Once gear because expensive to craft then the remaining players are going to leave due to zero game progression. Just make one gold ingot give you 100-120 at a rate of 12k-13k per ancient guiding stones and make them untradable if you don't want them exploited or give it a hard cap. Add about 40 more transparent scrolls to gold ingot store for 3 ingots to make it 50 per 3 ingots with a cap of 2 bundles per week. You might actually sell skins. This will most likely fall on deaf ears though.
  15. What the BOT?

    The bots are keeping costs down or are trying to and even now it's a little more expensive then last month. If the prices get even worse then crafting won't be an option or just plain to expensive for a majority of people. We actually need more in non busy areas and that says something. Welcome to low population servers.