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  1. ok i found the update but ncsoft dont fix the real skilll too LOL... so they decrease dmg but need add 100% critical hit for 3s and they dont fix it sooo yes is NINJA NERF BECUASE THEY DONT FIX THIS .. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/index.php?title=KR_-_Update_May_9th_2018&setlang=en Dizzying Ambush: Damage Reduced 3 critical strikes with 100% probability effect removed 100% chance to deal critical damage for 3s effect added
  2. Isn't they nerf the to 897dm and the real is 2448dmg (base) this is freaking unreal because they dont say nothing... and only sin are nerfed
  3. @Hime wtf NCSOFT?!!! https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/3828-lol-ncwest-you-sneaky-you-lol/?tab=comments#comment-38578
  4. @Cyan that is ncesoft ninja nerf SKILL DIZZYNG AMBUSH FROM SIN AND THEY DON'T SAY NOTHING CLAP CLAP CLAP at least SAY SOMETHING any update? any patch list? https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.0_Update_-_Daevanion_Skills#Assassin they nerf the skill to 8xx dmg OMG! I THINK GM ARE PLAYING AION AND SOME SIN KIL THEN LOL LOL LOL LOL
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