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  1. Palace were released in Aion 3.0 when all housing were released
  2. Asmo or Elyos? I have a few Kunax accessories boxes still, also how much u paying as well?
  3. Entitled players?

    So how much did you pay for that 1 legendary contract? and by paying for that one legendary contract you would've been able to complete all the normal/greater/ancients contracts therefore increasing your odds of getting duplicates in order to combine. Your 3 legendary transform wouldn't of came that easily if you didn't have to p2w first.
  4. Returning player, WTB permanent mount.

    There's a Flying Shugo mount on broker on the elyos side for 250 mil atm
  5. Pity Counter for RNG Related Mechanics

    Aion used to have a pity counter of some type in the older pacthes for crafting. You could trade in 3 nonproc'ed version of a craft and craft a guaranteed proced version of the item.

    @op please share your supplier because his selling some good stuff
  7. Help me

    350+ ping with Battleping as well, sucks been Aus but still can manage to get by.