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  1. @Kibbelz was the event coin bundle removal from the lugbug missions in the recent patch deliberate? Now you only get event coins directly on the character and they cannot be traded through account warehouse. Also it looks like you only get 5 event coins whereas the bundle gave you a chance to get up to 100 event coins
  2. Thanks Vessttemona i'll keep that in mind for future runs
  3. Anyone having trouble completing Bastion of Soul since the new update if you get the 4th key? I clear all the mobs in both the 4th and 3rd floor but the mob that drops the 1st floor key to go through to the final boss doesn't seem to appear. The instance seems to work fine if you get the 2nd floor key at start but not 4th key one.
  4. @Cyan what is the point of giving the ice sculpture buff if it disappears straight after you enter the instances? Most of our exp & AP gains are from instances.
  5. There is definitely a bug with IB after this weeks maintenance . If you que with 3 people in party in would not recognize the party and people will get pop at random. Also if one person goes in and you reform it will still show that you still have que open even after cancelling que. This seems to be fixed with a relog though.
  6. Pop artifact and Lebu AP buff and go solo Mid Lane
  7. Ouch what was the damage to the wallet for this p2w event compared to the damage on the bow?
  8. This OP is laughable. Complaining about his quick entry group and running into premade in a instance that you don't need any gear for. Just cause they are governor and commanders doesn't mean anything u could be naked in there and still win if u have co-ordination between group members.
  9. The bug is you can still kick people from EC this was supposed to have been fixed ages ago. If they bothered fixing that in the first place it would've prevented this from happening.
  10. @Cyan are the [Event] Key Pouch restricted by character lvl? it doesn't say on the details
  11. Think Lvl76 is the cutoff. You can't take those quest/gifts after that lvl.
  12. Thanks for this can now see how a sorc that I always run into can cast Gate so quick
  13. Same thing with the Legendary Voidsoul Accessories box can't even choose 1 in 4 chance to get a piece that you actually need. Write to GM and they say write on forums as well it's not like it's even endgame accessories.
  14. Doesn't it cost 160 luna to reset luna instance and you only get 40 luna from craft?
  15. Palace were released in Aion 3.0 when all housing were released
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