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  1. Momo (Say) The Legit Player (Sarcasm)

    And that shocks a total of 0 people. I'm not even surprised, lmao.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    dude, u gotta be kidding me... wtf. P2W as nyerk.
  3. Gold Sand Trader ! Please fix it fast !

    yoooooooooooo @Cyan, can u guys do something please?????? Gold Sand Traders not working SO FAR. New patch, new bugs... As always ZzZZZzZZ
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    We clearly see that NCSoft is like Lyv-EK (oh, and what's the name of her husband? Ohhh yeah, GreedyNOS-EK). 10 years of Aion and they still don't know what they're doing, LMAO. yo, NCSoft, are u guys new on Games World? Please, fix all of it, thanks. You are capable, I have faith! hahahaha!!!!!!!
  5. Siege EK Lakrum

    I feel so sad, NCSoft/NCWest just don't care, lol. They just want to waste money with Mobile Games EVEN KNOWING NOBODY WANT MOBILE GAMES. EK just died faster than BERITRA. Let me know why u guys ruin the game when it comes to NA. Do you think you are doing the right thing? Changing prices, removing stuffs etc? We deserve the game like it is in KR. Make a democratic vote and remove the team responsible for Aion NA, lol, game is dead because of YOU GUYS. Your support is the same EVERY nyerkIN TIME, always the same answers, you guys dont give a nyerk about us. Make Aion great again, oh my god! Is one of the best MMO's in the world. Aion NA is very limited, we can't buy cool stuffs, WE DONT EVEN HAVE MOTION CARDS ON BCM. And oh my god, what about 10 ancient stones for 1700 NCoins????? WTF! We get more than 100 ancient stones every week. Bring the game as it is! Merge our servers, do something, please. EK siege today (03/09/2019): THERE'S NO ELYOS!