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  1. PF/IDD

    Herrou everyone. @Cyan, is possible to guarantee on IDD/PF at leats 100% Ulti drop? Since the proggression is going pretty slow, for a 12man instance i pretty sad to get just legendary drops. Any chance to change dat for incoming patch?
  2. EK Server Situation

    @Cyan theres some issues with EK Server, since the population of Elyos just rip, like 40-50 Online and peer Siege also the same number. So talking about this, theres gonna be any incentives or another Buff to help low population factions or a possible Merge or Free Xfer? Please stop ignoring post about this.
  3. Bots Ingame

    Ty for the answers @Cyan -.-
  4. Bots Ingame

    So @Cyan, any chance to make something agains bots? A Ban/report system? Can the Dev Team even search the Bots Ip/Mac addres and block the accounts on that IP? To be clearly, i give to you the website who sells the hacks and every script for Aion, i give to you even videos and the vanilla hack like 2-3 months ago, cause i found guys with the program in Facebook and even with videos at Youtube. We need something agains bots or just better ways to get Kinah, like 5-10kk drop from Bosses in instances, like EU Gameforge did, for every party member.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    Part Two: Figs If you’re not getting enough Figs from the Mysterious Fruit Box, you’re in luck! Bosses in select instances will have a chance to drop this illustrious yet elusive fruit. Even still, if you have a surplus of Pineapple, Rubus, or Vinna you’ll be able to exchange them with Hurunerk for Figs as well. As i say before, learn how to read. So it dosent matter if you make 4runs or 250 clean mobs, is just from BOSSES.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 16, 2019

    Are you dumbass right? They clearly says Bosses from some instances, not from every mob, learn to read boy
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    btw @Cyan Luna Bug Buff for Sieges Bugs
  8. Most populated server.

    You should watch the Sieges boy on EK. 50-60 Elyos hahahah
  9. Housing

    @Cyan wheres our 7days prestige free?