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  1. So not a single fix into Shugo Event? @Cyan
  2. Do you know EU already nerf dat drop right? Everyone crying on EU Forum
  3. NO GB FOR ARENA/IB/ID ty. Leave it just for Siege, or maybe add some GP Quest into PVP Dailys.
  4. Should be like like 4mil AP and 8-10 Legendary stones if you win or defend Siege.
  5. For real, this event is easy, if you got kinah just buy Reset Scrolls. At leats they let you to reset instance with Kinah. Stop crying about this, can you imagine this event easy or people getting 100 gold coin peer run? At the end of the event you gonna have everyone with Kaisinel. Jesus, I already got my legendary transformation by buying scroll on Broker, 1bil Kinah = Legendary Transform to cap my Attack Speed. Good Enought
  6. @Cyan Any chance to make the coin tradeables? or even add more coins into bags? 20-25 coins as Rank S, at the end of the month gonna be like 600-700gold coin, not enought to get at leats 1 random legend, Feels like forcing people to cash
  7. @Cyan @Hime After 1 week, AP Adquisition till bug, also Siege Rewards/GP till bug. The problems seens like just for Ranked People. Any incoming urgent Fix?
  8. And what about not allowed people to reset IB/ID for GP? Seens like Dev team got a 100% Focus, Killing Aion. @Cyan
  9. https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/2130-more-improvements-in-the-game-are-coming/?fbclid=IwAR1ril-6DlGoHe_h04-L2-6EBS_1likVsppqgWmkRMz19sFg_Vyd6NtcmsQ And NA well..
  10. Dat bug going to be on All Servers. Also jesus, so much Luna reset to get ranks. I hope they rip dat
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