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  2. Enchanting stigmas is gr8

    52 stig enchantment stones.......................................0 +9 stigmas :DDDD gr8 game btw
  3. Bye EK

    Last EK post b4 merge, called it, gg ez, jajajajaja
  4. Daeva skills are a joke

    Everyone here is agreeing with me lol, how many ppl do you know that are as lucky as u and so happen to have 200 ingonts?!?!? Like bRuH cmon now.
  5. Daeva skills are a joke

    Well said
  6. Daeva skills are a joke

    Good for you buddy, not all of us pay real money and have the luck of a nigerian prince. doesn't make my point any less valid.
  7. Daeva skills are a joke

    So the passed month or so I have encountered about 7-8 shugos, pretty nice right? NOPE, bc every single one of them were trolls. The chance that a regular shugo will actually drop a daeva skill chest is supposedly "50%", ya nice joke bc its not even close. One of the shugos however was a golden shugo, I'm so lucky right? SIKE, it dropped a friggen duplicate daeva skill. GREAT JOB NC. So to sum it all up on how ridiculously hard it is to ACTUALLY get a daeva skill, there are about 4 steps unless you solo bos. STEP 1: You actually have to find a friggen shugo which is already super fuggen rare. STEP 2: So once you FINALLY find a shugo, NOW IT HAS TO ACTUALLY DROP SOMETHING since golden shugos are at least 10 times more rare than the regular ones. STEP 3: Ok so the shugo actually dropped something for once and your group is super hype about it, now its up to the luckiest manz to actually win the roll therefore in most cases u only have like a 16.6% chance to actually get the fuggen box. STEP 4: So after ALL of the STRESS and ANGER and EAGERNESS to FINALLY get a daeva skill chest for ONCE, now you have to actually get the fgn skill you want Isn't it great that there is a chance to get a skill you already have considering how hard it ALREADY IS to get a daeva chest in the first place? LMAO What a joke. Not to mention people are 90% sure they nerfed the chance of getting a shugo in bos because that was just too easy RIGHT? Na man they need you to spend more money on luna, its all about the MONAAAA! bRuH it's like an rng box inside an rng box, inside ANOTHER RNG BOX, WHICH IS INSIDE ANOTHER FUGGEN RNG BOX WTF?!?!?!?!?!? -credit goes to stephen btw. -Sincerely, Whiskershot EK Follow me at twitch.tv/Bl00dpaste for ranger pvp and more!