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  1. We really do need this @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime
  2. Check on the tutorial quests. There should be a Level 20 one wich opens up your stigma slots.
  3. Does anybody know if you combine 4 daeva skills that arent for your class, do you get 1 for your class or is random? Lets say I have 4 cleric daeva skills on my songweaver and I combine them. Do I get 1 Cleric skill or 1 SW skill book? Or 2 Clerics, 1 vandal and 1 chanter = Random? or SW skill? thanks
  4. If you dont want to farm the silentium items, you can buy them from the broker. The 200 souls are easy to get for the RNG boxes, defenitely doesnt take 8 hours. It was never easy to get PvP gear, you always needed to farm some sort of coin + AP.
  5. seems like they only took the rank info for the first days after maintenance last week. If you were first then you got rank 1 reward. I did my run yesterday (was ranked 6) and didnt get shit. SO HARD TO GET Q Q
  6. first, BoS doesnt drop legendary and second stop complaining about FREE gear. You have a chance to get top tier pve gear from the lowest and easiest instances and still you complain. Weapons are from BENM, bet you cant even do Easy Mode. You can buy L/R or even luna. ffs On another note, @Cyan check GP & Cruci ranks.
  7. I didnt got reward either. Also GP rank got rolled back too. Went from rank 17 to 38. Supposed to have 5k ish GP and now only have 2k ish. I wanted my PvP stones D: @Cyan please look into this
  8. @Cyan no may bcm update? no more skins in bcm? add some. please. and motions! also, fix discipline and bring back enchantment stones from bosses or take away the 5limit per week bullshit. ty
  9. We need the enchantment stones back as drop from the bosses in instances. Skins on BCM. Real EXP in instances. @Cyan
  10. Shifting magma is the daeva skill for Magma Burst. And Elemental Rush is the daevanion skill for Magic Assist. Easiest way to get it is go to lakrum and talk to the Crafting material contributor (is in the room next to the one that has broker and warehouse) and buy 6 marks each week to craft the daeva skill.
  11. I agree with the 1st part. I got the 10min weapon yesterday and got a sendlog pretty much instantly making me go back to obelisk and losing the weapon, not that matters that much but still. And the kisk that last 20min are those that you buy in katalam, if you bring your own from the regular NPC they last the normal time wich is 2hours i believe. Or at least that how it works for me.
  12. @Cyan @Hime @Gideon can you make those Storable in the account warehouse since we now are able to store kinah, fragments and alot of things that we werent able before? PLEASE .
  13. Lugbug's Precious Bundle x1 (Weekly) <Lugbug's Strange Minion Contract> Lugbug's Suspicious Bundle x16 (Daily) <Lugbug's Ancient Transformation Potion Chest> x2 (bundle gives you 2) <Lugbug's Compassionate Box> x2 (bundle gives you 1) <Ancient Enchantment Stone Bundle> x12 (bundle gives you 2) <Lugbug's Magic Box> x2 (bunlde gives you 1) <Lugbug's Treasure (7 days)> x2 (bundle gives 1) <Bountiful Lugbug's Treasure (7 days)> x1 <Grade A Minium> x20 (bundle gives you 10) Lugbug Magic Box
  14. You have to buy them from the npc that sells the thingy to craft the daevanion skills that is on the same room
  15. I dont know if someone already said this but Vandals cant open Ailu Candy Bundle.
  16. The other day while watching the stream of the 7.0 preview I noticed that IDD was still 2/2 with prestige. Is that a thing that was bugged because of the test server or are we only getting only 2 entries with prestige unlike other regions that get 4 runs without any pack or are we actually getting 4 with no prestige and 5 with prestige?
  17. just opened 24 on my sw 10 25 5 10 5 25 5 25 5 25 5 5 5 10 5 25 10 10 25 5 5 10 5 10
  18. Thank you! Also would like to know if NPC from the Daevanion marks will start reseting as it should every wednesday?
  19. I just used 46 ancient stones on legendary shoes. Never went past +3 not even once. Were the enchantment rates fixed or we still have 6.2 rates? x.x
  20. sorry for off topic but @Cyan any news on hair changing tickets?
  21. @Cyan can we have all the skins in the BCM already? is kinda stupid to only put 2 skins every 2 weeks on fridays. those arent even the good ones lately.
  22. I have a quick question maybe someone could help me out. I have one skin on my wardrobe and I need to spend 96 luna to use it. If I pay that amount, next time I want to use the same skin, does the value increase or does it stay at 96 luna every time?
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