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  1. Bryos, Thank you for explaining this. So for PVE combine Harvesters/Apollon for best PvE Cipher Blade, and work on getting PvP/PvP Cipher Blade as a second weapon? One last quick question if you don't mind. With this recent event, there are lots of Harvesters gear around, is it better to upgrade a +3 skill (like +3 Rocket Punch) Apollon to Harvesters with no skill boost? The Apollon is not enchanted and has crappy stones in it, so its not a huge waste of money either way, just not sure how important the skill boost is in overall dps. Thanks! Fyz
  2. I am a returning player, and information is so hard to find. But I have a question on this please. Question on the master Cipher blade. Is there ever any advantage of combining a PvP weapon on top and the PvE weapon below? Would that take temperings to level up instead of omega's? Is there a major difference in stat points between PvP/PvE vs PvE/PvP. Sorry if its a dumb question, like I said returning player and I'm finding it hard to find much updated information. Fyzzles
  3. I have been away from Aion for many years. Previously I could send newly created characters pets I had purchased, or special items from release. Are these no longer available to send to new characters?
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