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  1. If none of the above works, check to make sure your antivirus software isn't blocking the program. Be sure to whitelist the Aion and NCSOFT folders in your antivirus settings.
  2. We wouldn't want them to have an unfair advantage...
  3. In the options menu (the menu you have open): Game Options -> Interface -> UI Size (second to last option)
  4. Why would someone 'hack' for the 3 seconds they're paralyzed and not when they can attack the opponent? Not to mention, I've never heard of hacks that alter magic boost and crit values.
  5. Setting aside that cringe intro... That's a gear fight, plain and simple
  6. What's open in the other incognito window? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Used remove shock at near-full HP while Ironclad was still active and proceeded to pot silence just to use the remove shock chain...
  8. Does this mean DopDingapdom will be up for grabs?
  9. Not sure why you formed the idea that AP or GP were meant to be permanent. You realize you don't actually own anything on your account, right?
  10. I can guarantee with proof that you're not going to get a logical, unbiased discussion from this statement ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I don't think they do. Items with the ability will list the option in "gear modification." The new gear (crafted and genesis) does not list the option.
  12. A joke on the side is not the same thing as misrepresenting the facets of a discussion in order to win. You proved that joke correct with the "another person who 'knows' me" delusion. Do you honestly think I posted on the character I actively play because of you? I figured you were entitled but to be on that level is hilariously embarrassing and warrants the close of this back and forth.
  13. You went from "these zones have the update, we should get it too" to "Cyan says we are getting the update, don't you believe him?" I won't even bother arguing this point as it utilizes a straw man fallacy for a cheap "got 'em!" rather than an intelligent discussion. My "assumptions" are not assumptions. I played long before GP even existed and watched as the top ranks were obtained by paying money and trading AP when GP was introduced. As I said, this is how most players did it. Not sure why you needed several sentences more about yourself when you're an obvious exception (that's not true
  14. Simply declaring someone wrong doesn't make them so, no matter how snarky you are about it. You should be fully aware that NA doesn't get every update or change as the other zones, so you have no standing there. The GP system was a failed transformation of the AP system, both of which have been sad excuses for rankings. Considering most players were barred from competing after a certain point (would love to see you try to outrank the people with 1m GP) and the fact that most people with exorbitant GP obtained it by buying reset scrolls or trading AP for GP in previous patches, the wo
  15. Ah, this makes more sense Although, the rewards are still overpriced and/or garbage. The people with the ability to buy these rewards most likely don't need them, so it still doesn't make sense to post in every thread. On the list of things that need fixed or changed, this is very, very low.
  16. Not sure why you keep posting that because the rewards are still terrible. Are you actually that anxious to buy 3 ingots a day for 500 days in a row?
  17. You're complaining that an ultimate proc was purchased for 10m? Honestly, how did you even figure out how to obtain one? As others have stated, you could have easily increased the price to ensure a safe trade. You knew how it worked and risked it anyway. The terms and conditions are meant to protect them, not us. You two could be good friends
  18. Just pointing out how hilariously stupid this statement is
  19. Supporting a game because you enjoy it is just fine. Defending its predatory practices (terrible payment-locked content) because you spend the money anyway is not fine. It leads to a worse game in the end, which the dwindling population should signify. Spend the money if you want, but don't try to justify it by claiming you keep the game open (like the p2w people always claim). The company literally makes hundreds of millions in profit from its games. You're not doing anything for Aion but showing the developer that they can implement garbage content and still walk away with a profit - wh
  20. Paying for access to advantaged content is literally the definition of pay-to-win.
  21. omg no, not a minuscule amount of virtually-useless points!
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