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  1. (1) Log in. (2) See. (3) Logout

    Aion 2.0 to 4.0 was the greatest times............not much to say(it was Perfect for me) Then comes Aion 5.X not so good but not so bad (this patch is perfect too, if they have balanced the p2w system) And then 6.X come, at that time hitting to max level and reach end game, "I thought i was playing a mobile version of aion," (This patch feels like it isn't Aion anymore) My friends and I even race to get to the max level in a few hours, but once we hit to the end, lol a lot of them suddenly stopped playing and switch back to Dota 2. For your information we've been playing and supporting this game since Aion 2.0.
  2. Lower the price of Transparent Scroll box and Shard

    lets set aside the BCM because i don't want to spend money for transparent scroll, it feels like it isn't worth to buy those scrolls just to see for few minutes of your real character. What i mean is they should make it more accessible to players, who the hell would want to spend 3.9m worth of kinah just for 10 transparent scroll in Gold Sand shop, and when you get gank it will be wasted instantly. All i want is just to make it more accessible like the transformation scrolls. By the way it's still rare on broker you'll only find page 1-2 of that thing.
  3. They are pretty expensive for returning players!
  4. Aion KR 7.0 free stuff

    50x trans contracts and daevanion chest would be enough..... ------------->NA notice me

    The reason that you are playing a game is to ENJOY always remember that, it doesn't matter if your a friendly or a loner one this is just a GAME Just ENJOY and PLAY.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    Aion loves to put rubbish inside your precious box "Element of Surprise"
  7. Transformation System

    yep! it's really pointless buying fashion for your gear right now.... i suggest that they should change this transformation system without losing your characters' base appearance, like they should combine it with those fashion.yet instead of transforming into a bear or something, you will transform into those some kind of fashion like, without losing entirely the appearance of your gorgeous character! well just saying hehehehe!!...
  8. Transformation System

    I can't really feel my character in this game it is making me bored, i'm playing for hours nonstop as a fcking Panda, I tried to use the transparent scroll but it's really expensive for new/returning players, it's making me mad because i created my character with so much effort and passion, it is making the character creation pretty pointless because eventually you'll turn into a fckin ANIMAL/BEAST , now i have to pay 3,900,000 kinah just to see my beautiful character. I wish that they would change this system in the future update. I'm thinking that if they would just remove the skins in Transformations that would be awesome.