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  1. The veilenthrone

    "It doesn't require skill or info, I just want info." I'm done, you're actually an idiot. Literally one of those kids that watches gaming streams and says "I could do that better" when they can't do it at all in the first place.
  2. The veilenthrone

    1- Too hard and stressfull instance for a low reward. 4- No info whatsoever about the instance in any place other than korea streams/videos and fan database. My points are made by your reasons for a nerf. I can read quite well. You seem to have gaps in your memory, even though what you posted is still plainly at the top of this thread. You say that it's "too hard and stressful" and that there's "no info" available for the instance, and then later state that it takes "no skill or knowledge". So....which is it? Unless, of course, you're saying that "no skill or knowledge" is still out of reach for you and yours - what a terrible thing to think about your buddies :c You right though, dumb is only cute to a point. Perhaps real cute doesn't apply to this
  3. The veilenthrone

    "over gear" - yeah 1/2 the alliance is in ult pve (that they earned through pf and idd runs), but not all enchanted. The other 1/2 (like me) is in a mix of purple pve and ulti pvp gear, not really enchanted. But yeah, overgeared. "Luna buff/P2W" actually no, lol. A big debate in it previously WAS luna buff and that people SHOULD be using it, but most did not want to pay because they felt it wasn't necessary/worth. Good effort though! Cute assumptions "no skill or knowledge needed" - if no gear or knowledge is required, then why does your main post QQ about limited information and the necessity of a nerf? Hmm, interesting. Yes, it was only A-rank, but the difference between A and S is just points. A-rank was finished with over 2 minutes left, meaning S rank isn't that far off. And, while it was "only A-rank", no one else that has attempted multiple times (and several have, both factions), has gotten close. Hm. It's pretty cute asking for nerfs on an instance and then switching it up and saying how easy/basic it is under certain circumstances the second people say they have completed it. You cute bro, real cute
  4. @Cyan, harmony/disci season issue

    Everyone knew they had 2 days worth of runs to do prior to the season ending, so it was not really an "advantage". In previous seasons they had a full week between each ending season and the new season, so no everyone did not know they would be without cooldowns at the start of the new season. If your entire argument is based on "prior information" then it's completely flawed because NCWest did not provide any kind of indicator that these seasons would be different from any past season rotations.
  5. @Cyan Harmony/Discipline entry resets on Mondays ---> people entered their harmony/disci to get points before the recent season ended ------> New season started on Wednesday (today), and now said players are minus cooldowns for the new season (and, with the lack of cooldowns, likely to have less points than every other player at the end of the season). Is there something that will be done about this disadvantage? Will it be fixed somehow? Support is likely to get a multitude of tickets over this.
  6. @Cyan and GMs, thanks

    Hey, You did good. This compensation is good. Thanks. -The not-stupid players
  7. @Cyan Please talk to whoever you need to talk to, and convince them that they need to send something out to players by Wednesday, May 8, even if you guys do not have a fix yet. By that time it will have been TWO WEEKS of halted progression for a lot of players. Consider how much AP, stones (from siege), etc. are not being utilized; consider how many players are sitting around just waiting for their progress to resume. If we don't have a fix by then, players will at least be somewhat appeased by receiving things they should have received over the past couple weeks. This game is going to start hemorrhaging players like never before if this continues with a "we're working on it" and nothing more.
  8. In Memory of Instagib

    Holy...sadness. You have my deepest, deepest condolences. I have so many memories of you two I remember my very first time fight you two (as instagib and pessmism) so, so many years ago on Siel, it felt like a never-ending 2v2 on my elyos cleric with Vilius (I remember crying about how impossible it seemed). I remember switching to asmo and not really knowing either of you, and then eventually playing with both of you on-and-off in various instances. I remember the beginnings of the BR server - and how much fun asmo side was with the both of you. I even had the pleasure of running into you two on my first week on EK server. Even when you're on the otherside of Gib, he was always a very kind, humble, and endearing man. You are two of the most memorable players - and Gib will be remembered very well by all who've met him. Again, my condolences. He will be missed.
  9. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Theory crafting 101: you're never wrong even when you're wrong. https://tenor.com/view/conspiracy-theory-gif-10587157
  10. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Been gone a while. Nice to see that theory-crafting, completely clueless forum posting still exists. Ahh, consistency.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    Why can't this be our cost? Why you hate us? Why??
  12. Sunayaka

    We decided, as this cryer put it, to be "as bad as KT-E". No one is banned from going to Sunayaka. No one is being "denied access" to the boss. You can go to it; you can DPS it. You want to go to Suna? Go for it. You want a league? Form a league It's a world boss. Everyone is welcome to form their own leagues. Been that way since game started. Good luck.
  13. Does that mean the triple xp weeks will start?