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  1. Aetherforging - Masterwork Crafting

    I used 500 legendary stones and 500 scrolls to make 100 legendary weapon scrolls. i already got over 400 legendary scrolls in my wh.
  2. Aetherforging Crafting Stones

    Just a thought. Instead of using 2 ultimate crafting stones to make 1 legendary crafting stone,wont it be a bit better to go this route. 1 Ultimate crafting stone to make 2 Legendary crafting stones,5 or 10 ancient stones to make 1 legendary stone and use 2 Legendary to make 1 ultimate crafting stone . Seeing that there are more ancient crafting stones dropping from mobs than legendary. Would save some of the players time to farm like zombies. Was just a thought,dont know what other players think of this idea.
  3. New Enchanting System Changes

    Cyan,would it be a possibility to lvl AF faster. I crafted 100 legendary scrolls only to go up by 7 points. Been farming for mats for i dont know how long and using a lot of kinah to get the scrolls.
  4. Aetherforging - Masterwork Crafting

    Lvling aetherforging faster would also help. I just made 100 legendary scrolls only to go up by 7 points. But it seems like everything is P2W. Been farming for mats for i dont know how long,using kinah like crazy to get the scrolls. I got full repose,full DP and used berdin stars only to go up by 7 points. To me thats just a waste of time and effort
  5. Confusing

    I am confused about something. What is the use of leveling your essence tapping when the old crafting got removed in 6.2. That doesn't make sense to me at all. Also the prices on the broker got raised so high its impossible to make kinah in the game,even expanding your warehouse is a joke what you have to pay to expand it. Still bots running around to do your quests that you need to do. NC should really start doing something or wake up. And just an idea,add more quests like dailies because after you are done with the genesis camps then its back to boredom.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    That shugoling event was the biggest rubbish they ever thought of. Thats what happens when you hold in your fart for too long. It travels up your spine and then the shitty ideas start forming# NC
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    Where is this info regarding the update,like seriously.You guys really need to wake up. Its because of you guys that there are a lot of players leaving aion. WAKE UP. When aion is empty then dont ask stupid questions like what happened